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The heat is on in the lowcountry, and that means bathing suits, shorts and more revealing clothing. Unfortunately for some of us, new bulges and slack muscles may be evidence of questionable nutrition and sporadic exercise over the winter.

Solve your body issues at Coastal Body, where the owner and instructor, Lauren Dauscher, practices what she teaches. An enthusiastic runner, Dauscher knew she needed to add a balanced workout to enhance performance and prevent injury. She found it in Pilates. Not only did it become part of her routine, it became part of her career. Dauscher has been certified in classic Pilates, as developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s to promote balance and increase flexibility and strength.

“Pilates can work for everybody,” Dauscher said. “I’ve never seen the body I couldn’t help.”

Coastal Body is the only studio offering Basil Pilates equipment; Basil Blecher originally designed the equipment for Joseph Pilates. There are Pilates classes to suit every level, from former couch potatoes to those who regularly work out. In addition to small classes, private and semi-private training sessions are available.

Pilates training is just the start. Coastal Body also offers one-on-one nutritional counseling to help manage weight and increase your energy. And when you need a healing touch, massage therapy relieves pain, increases flexibility and enhances immunity.

Dauscher and her associates are trained and certified to the highest standards in their disciplines. The Pilates program is affiliated with Penelope Wyer Barrow, who trained under Romana Kryzanowska, who was trained by Joseph Pilates, the master himself. The weight-management program was developed by a medical doctor. The massage therapists boast 25 years of combined experience. Ballet-inspired barre classes for all levels have been added by popular demand. An extensive yoga program is led by instructors who have more than 10 years experience.

So if your body is not quite ready for summer, here’s a clue: Investigate Coastal Body and take action through nutritional counseling and Pilates workouts. Your body will be evidence that it works beautifully.

Coastal Body is located at the Shoppes of Brickyard, 2700 Highway 17 North in Mount Pleasant. To find out more, visit or contact Lauren Dauscher at (843) 801-3939 or by email at Class schedules are on the website.

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