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Hearing Loss Can Signal Other Problems

Dr. Larkin-1

    There was a time when hearing loss was simply considered to be an aspect of growing old, not unlike gray hair and wrinkles. That’s no longer the case. Medical professionals now know that when you have trouble hearing, there might be something more serious going on than just missing the sounds of barking dogs and singing … [Read more...]

There’s a Doctor in the House: Home Remedies


Recently, I cast a net and was pleased with my catch. All of my family, friends and friends of family and friends of friends were willing to contribute. Confused? Read on and I promise it will make sense. I asked those closest to me what some of their favorite home remedies are and where they originally heard about them, and the conversation … [Read more...]

Coastal Carolina Research Center


The story of how Coastal Carolina Research Center in Mount Pleasant came to be begins in 1997, when Nancy Dinsmore, RN, was seeking the opportunity to branch off into her own research-based medical practice. She took a leap into the unknown when she and her partner opened a tiny office on Coleman Boulevard. Their objective would be not only to help … [Read more...]

Staying Strong With ActiveRx

ActiveRX, Mount Pleasant Active Aging Center

There’s a new fitness hub in town – ActiveRx – a revolutionary concept in strength and wellness for mature adults. Centrally located just off Anna Knapp Boulevard on a quiet, tree-lined street, ActiveRx is a brand new, bright, airy and well-equipped health center for seniors who want to maintain their strength and independence. It’s also … [Read more...]

‘Hear’ to Stay: Advanced Hearing Care

Advanced Hearing, Mount Pleasant, SC

I met Dr. Lainey Bruhn out and about in Mount Pleasant a couple of times before I actually interviewed her. Each time we talked, I noticed that she immediately put me at ease with her relaxed attitude and her excellent listening skills. So it came as no surprise that she is the newest audiologist to join the Advanced Hearing Care team. Dr. … [Read more...]

Not Just Skin Deep


Most children don't figure out that they want to become doctors while stuck in a hospital bed, craning their necks to catch a fuzzy episode of The Smurfs on a television bolted to the ceiling. Oddly enough, however, Dr. Jon Jacobs discovered as a seven-year-old outpatient that he'd found his calling in medicine. "I was getting my tonsils out and … [Read more...]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Advanced Hearing-6

  I have a confession to make. Sometimes I'll get into my car and crank it up, only to become horrified at the decibel of rock 'n' roll that blares from the speakers. But until my conversation with Dr. Mary Anne Larkin of Advanced Hearing Care, I never contemplated the impact of some loud Led Zeppelin on my own 30-something ears. Dr. … [Read more...]

Pain in the Neck? Family Physical Therapy Can Help

Dr. Naylor and her team help patients feel good about getting back on their feet.

Have you ever had an annoying kink in your neck? How about an achy back from sitting all day or sore heels from walking the Ravenel Bridge? Have no fear, Family Physical Therapy is here to help you with all of your chronic pain needs – from simple yet pesky headaches to more serious problems such as osteoporosis and surgery rehabilitation. If … [Read more...]

The One That Works: Medi-Weightloss Clinics

At Medi-Weightloss Clinics, the ultimate goal is to teach patients how to successfully maintain their weight .

Sometimes a name says it all. Take, for instance, Medi-Weightloss Clinics, which has been in Mount Pleasant since 2009. People who are looking to drop some weight experience the Medi-Weightloss Clinics’ difference from the moment they walk in the door and meet the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Many say they had tried everything to lose … [Read more...]

Germain Dermatology, Mount Pleasant, SC

Dr. Marguerite Germain can spot your problem immediately. Her warm personality puts you instantly at ease even as she assesses the issues with your skin, whether they are wrinkles, moles, odd-looking spots, sun damage or the scourge of adolescence: acne – the worst kind of spotlight on your face. If you have acne, you are not alone. “Sixty … [Read more...]