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In Pursuit of the Trivial

Steel City Trivia

I f you’ve never heard of Alex Trebek, you might want to skip this article. On the other hand, if you happen to know  the answers to such “Jeopardy-style” questions as which director won the Academy Award in 1962 (David Lean, “Lawrence of  Arabia”) and where the largest stadium in the world is located (North Korea, 150,000 total … [Read more...]

Sky is the Limit: Sky Zone, Mount Pleasant


If you’ve ever fantasized about joining Cirque du Soleil or passed a kids’ birthday jump castle and wished you weren’t too big to get in on the fun, your dreams can now come true – right here in Mount Pleasant. Whether you are 8 or 80, you can experience a freedom that’s as close to weightlessness as most of us will ever get at … [Read more...]

Funny Name, Fun Food: My Father’s Moustache

Fish 'n' Chips

Robb Walker’s newest  restaurant is unlike any other in Mount Pleasant. The walls are adorned with photos of the people who were running the world in the 1940s. Traditional American fare is on the menu, but so are meals more often found in the British Isles. Diners can enjoy a game of darts, and the brand of football most often shown on … [Read more...]

Fire It Up! Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Brixx wood fire oven

A good friend of mine is going to be quite pleased when she hears the news that Brixx in Mount Pleasant is putting our favorite pimento cheese dip back on the appetizer menu. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza has been a spot of ours in East Cooper for quite some time – and one of the reasons, I suspect, is that the restaurant is never boring. Take, for … [Read more...]

Under the Sun or Stars: The Rusty Rudder Offers Outdoor Dining


One way to take advantage of the Lowcountry’s magnificent weather is to enjoy an excellent meal under the sun or stars. That certainly is a possibility at the Rusty Rudder, one of Mount Pleasant’s newest restaurants.Counting the dozen or so seats at the Tiki bar, around 100 people will be able to soak in the outdoor ambience on the huge patio … [Read more...]

An Island Tradition: Laura Alberts


While Daniel Island is a relatively recently-established community, Karen Elsey, a founder of Laura Alberts Restaurant, says the staff there enjoys the pleasure that comes from being a part of the social and culinary fabric of the island. “We have watched children grow and people retire here on the island. We appreciate all of our islanders and … [Read more...]

Island Time: The Islander Gears Up for Summer Dining


Holy City Hospitality has just expanded its list of fine restaurants in the Lowcountry to another frontier – namely, Daniel Island. Just in time for a fun-filled summer, the new eatery promises creative cocktails, fresh local seafood with a taste of sushi and an atmosphere that locals and visitors will find inviting. Right before the Islander … [Read more...]

Easy and Breezy: Red’s Ice House


It’s late afternoon at Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, time to sit back on the deck or under the covered bar and nibble on buffalo or coconut shrimp, or maybe some Ice House wings and a burger, while sipping a cold beer or Red’s Signature Sunset Margarita. If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of dolphins or even a … [Read more...]

Looking For a Place to Watch the Big Game?

Big Game-1

  When he lived in Denver and worked in the corporate world, Addie Culler’s basement was a shrine to football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey, complete with memorabilia, a built-in bar and, of course, an area dedicated to the American sport of watching American sports on television. He’s moved from Colorado to South Carolina, … [Read more...]

The SOL Will Rise – New Restaurant Brings Flavor

IMG_1631_Med (2)

  I stepped into what used to be the Charleston Crab House on Highway 17 North just in time to see an awesome transformation taking place. The building was in the midst of becoming SOL, a new restaurant in Mount Pleasant that promises cozy, upscale atmosphere, great food created from scratch and the kind of customer service you get only from … [Read more...]