Breathe Easy – Charleston Allergy & Asthma


Dr. Bruce Ball didn’t start out to be a doctor but, luckily for his patients, he took a postgraduate anatomy class and worked in an emergency room, where he discovered that he “was fascinated by multiple areas of medicine.” Together with his colleagues, he sees patients of all ages at Charleston Allergy & Asthma, treating a variety of conditions from seasonal allergies … [Read more...]

Solving the Weight Loss Puzzle – Advice From Experts


Often the pieces of modern life – from a busy job to a hectic family schedule – leave little time for thoughtfully prepared meals or going to the gym. It’s easy to get stuck in an unhealthy place where things don’t fit – as in your clothes or all the things you need to squeeze into a single day. This is the time of year when a lot of us take a step back to re-arrange our … [Read more...]

That Holiday Glow: Relax at a Local Spa


Planning for the holidays can sometimes be stressful. Between trips to the mall, market and, in some cases, the airport, folks can find themselves deep in the throes of hustle and bustle rather than enjoying the seasonal cheer. In between all the decorating, gift purchasing and meal prepping, you must remember to shower yourself with a healthy dose of self-care. Luckily, Mount … [Read more...]

The Shot That Could Dissolve Double Chins! Kybella is HERE!


The Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug that promises to get rid of double chins without surgery. The drug is called KYBELLA™, and it is an injectable substance that dissolves fat under the chin. Options at the moment have been to suck it out or cut it out! This is a GREAT BREAKTHROUGH for patients suffering with this issue! KYBELLA™ (deoxycholic acid) … [Read more...]

Look Before You Leap: The Think First Program

thinkfirst pic

The odds are that most people couldn’t tell you the leading cause of death among children 1 and older. It’s not disease or disaster or parental neglect. And even though traumatic injury to the brain or spinal cord doesn’t always kill outright, it often leaves its victims with serious complications that can last a lifetime. That’s why the international ThinkFirst Program, … [Read more...]

Reinventing the Wheel: On Call Hospitality

On Call Hospitality rents beach wheelchairs and other types of
mobility scooters, as well as standard wheelchairs.

Nate Upchurch made a careerin resort management on the beaches along the Carolina coast and understands the joy people feel when they are able to make the sand and water of the Atlantic Ocean their playground. However, Upchurch also witnessed firsthand the frustrations many families felt when they couldn’t make it to the beach because of physical disabilities. “People who … [Read more...]

The Healthcare Solution: Atlas Healthcare, PA

Atlas Healthcare, PA

Health insurance policies first emerged in the industrial era of the 1880s, powered by the rise of unions that sought compensation for the illnesses and injuries of steel factory workers. They were designed to mitigate the economic hardship caused by unforeseen accidents. Since those humble beginnings, health care has morphed into a huge industry, fueled by insurance … [Read more...]

Who Knows Best? Coastal Pediatric Associates

With spring and summer on the way, Lowcountry parents will want to  schedule wellness visits for their children, according to Dr. Laurin Graham.

When it comes to your parenting questions, there’s a bevy of people, from neighbors and friends to grandparents and colleagues, who are ready and willing to oer opinions to you. Other times, you might want to keep matters – your child’s health being one – within a more select group. With Coastal Pediatric Associates as part of that trusted group, a doctor or nurse will always … [Read more...]

Reach Your Potential: Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy

As director of Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy, Kim Durst works to assess and treat a variety of problems, from sports injuries to coping with chronic pain.

The ability to live life to the fullest often depends on a physically sound body. So when life’s aches and pains – whether from aging, injury or overuse – prevent someone from reaching their potential, Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy can provide the treatment to help them get back on their feet again. As director of the clinic, Kim Durst works to assess and treat a variety … [Read more...]