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Nothing but Networking

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    According to Webster’s, an “expo” is a “public exhibition or show, as of industrial and artistic productions, as in the Paris Exposition of 1878.” According to Frank Frazier, the Mount Pleasant Business and Community Expo “is a great event for small business people and entrepreneurs because it draws a terrific … [Read more...]

Bookworms, Rejoice! New Mount Pleasant Library Planned for Carolina Park


  Most residents of Mount Pleasant have visited the regional library on Anna Knapp Boulevard and battled its crowded parking lot and checkout desk. Residents of East Cooper love to read and learn, and we've deserved more space in which to do those things for quite some time. Fortunately, a new library is finally planned for the town of … [Read more...]

A Go-To for Luxury: Mount Pleasant Jewelers


For a young guy, Alex Head knows his jewelry. He may only be 23, but Head has a lifetime of exposure to the jewelry business from working with his father, who has owned a successful jewelry store in Greenville for 32 years. Coupled with a minor in Business from the University of South Carolina, Head knows what he’s doing. That’s why … [Read more...]

Nothing but Net (working): The 2014 Mount Pleasant Business and Community Expo

Mount Pleasant Business Expo

A ccording to Webster’s, an “expo” is a “public exhibition or show, as of industrial and artistic productions, as in the Paris Exposition of  1878.” According to Frank Frazier, the Mount Pleasant Business and Community Expo “is a great event for small business people and entrepreneurs because it draws a terrific … [Read more...]

A Ride to Remember: The Carolina Coast Surf Club


    I stood on the rain-soaked deck at The Windjammer on the Isle of Palms, my hands tightly gripping the wood handrail. I was fixated, entranced even, by the sheer power of the ocean. A late-spring storm surge had kicked up waves; they rose gradually then crashed violently in an avalanche of foam and white water. My mind … [Read more...]

Her Story – Mount Pleasant Author Pens New Book


Some writers are fortunate in the fact that they recognize a great story while it is still taking place. Thus they are able to procure all the moments, conversations and other portions of life that will help formulate their masterpiece. It's also no surprise that when it comes to family stories, the origins often take place in a kitchen, where food … [Read more...]

Meeting the Challenge – Dennis O’Neill


The field of law is complicated, structured by laws and rulings yet fluid and malleable as it applies to human behavior. Some areas of law can be routine, such as real estate, with its mounds of paperwork and figures. Others, including criminal and civil cases, are much more complicated, and the pathway to satisfactory results can be ambiguous. … [Read more...]

Third Time’s the Charm

MP Business Expo logo with Date

Make Plans to Attend the 2013 Business and Community Expo. In its first two years, the Mount Pleasant Entrepreneur and Business Expo gave local companies, professionals and organizations an excellent opportunity to market their products and services to residents and visitors. Throughout the day, attendees and vendors exchanged ideas and contact … [Read more...]

“Let’s Be Exclusive” Dennis Walczuk Bonds with his Customers

BMW repair business

Dennis Walczuk of Exclusively Bimmers fell in love with the BMW brand before it was cool. “Back in 1976, my brother and I started a BMW repair business in Los Angeles,” he said. “No one really knew what they were; they had not gotten popular yet. I worked with my brother’s business until about 1981, and during that time I developed a life … [Read more...]

Mikell Law Firm: Getting People To A Better Place

Attorney Jason Mikell

For Jason Mikell, being a lawyer is about giving his clients his full attention and helping them through a difficult time in their lives. Those values aren’t something Mikell learned in law school at the University of South Carolina. They are the product of “the way my parents raised me,” he said. He gives his clients 100 percent of his … [Read more...]