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Her Story – Mount Pleasant Author Pens New Book


Some writers are fortunate in the fact that they recognize a great story while it is still taking place. Thus they are able to procure all the moments, conversations and other portions of life that will help formulate their masterpiece. It's also no surprise that when it comes to family stories, the origins often take place in a kitchen, where food … [Read more...]

Meeting the Challenge – Dennis O’Neill


The field of law is complicated, structured by laws and rulings yet fluid and malleable as it applies to human behavior. Some areas of law can be routine, such as real estate, with its mounds of paperwork and figures. Others, including criminal and civil cases, are much more complicated, and the pathway to satisfactory results can be ambiguous. … [Read more...]

Third Time’s the Charm

MP Business Expo logo with Date

Make Plans to Attend the 2013 Business and Community Expo. In its first two years, the Mount Pleasant Entrepreneur and Business Expo gave local companies, professionals and organizations an excellent opportunity to market their products and services to residents and visitors. Throughout the day, attendees and vendors exchanged ideas and contact … [Read more...]

“Let’s Be Exclusive” Dennis Walczuk Bonds with his Customers

BMW repair business

Dennis Walczuk of Exclusively Bimmers fell in love with the BMW brand before it was cool. “Back in 1976, my brother and I started a BMW repair business in Los Angeles,” he said. “No one really knew what they were; they had not gotten popular yet. I worked with my brother’s business until about 1981, and during that time I developed a life … [Read more...]

Mikell Law Firm: Getting People To A Better Place

Attorney Jason Mikell

For Jason Mikell, being a lawyer is about giving his clients his full attention and helping them through a difficult time in their lives. Those values aren’t something Mikell learned in law school at the University of South Carolina. They are the product of “the way my parents raised me,” he said. He gives his clients 100 percent of his … [Read more...]

East Cooper Entrepreneurial Women – Meals on Heels

High Heel Shoe

In these days of “Desperate Housewives,” “The Real Housewives of (insert city)” and “The Bachelor,” it is hard to imagine a group of women getting together without some of them bursting into arguments, catfights and tears. However, we have just such a group here in Mount Pleasant. East Cooper Entrepreneurial Women is a cohesive, … [Read more...]

Canaroo – Online Reverse Shopping

Canaroo Ad Logo Tag Line

Have you ever gone online to make a simple purchase and ended up spending hours trying to find exactly what you were looking for? How many times have you heard someone ask, “Does anybody know someone who has a good used car for sale?” At, you can tell the world what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to … [Read more...]

Year-End Tax Planning Save by Assessing Your Situation

Defer, contribute, gift and/or adjust before Dec. 31.

It’s time to close one tax year and make plans for the next. While this is a busy season for everyone, there is still time to save by assessing your unique situation. So here is your first Christmas gift: nine year-end tax planning tips that can save money and put more presents under the tree. 1. Take Deductions Now Pay your tax-deductible … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant Business Association (MPBA): Helping Businesses Prosper

Mount Pleasant Business Association - logo

Is the Mount Pleasant Business Association a group of community leaders who get together once a month to socialize, eat lunch, listen to a speaker, network and discuss ways to grow their businesses? Or is it a philanthropic group that gives back to the community by donating money to local charities? Maybe MPBA’s focus is education; after all, … [Read more...]

Customer Care: Hay Tire Pros

Hay Tire Pros - Mount Pleasant, SC

Running a successful, full-service tire and automotive repair center is no small challenge for a family-owned business competing against larger, national chains. However, Hay Tire Pros is winning that battle. Opened in 1981, the locally-owned business approaches its relationship with its customers on a personal level. “Our customers are … [Read more...]