Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

30 BEST OF 2018 2018 W W W . B E S T O F M P . C O M and, let’s face it, MTV sucks nowadays anyway. Second - Richard “Box” Bachschmidt Third - Bert Weiss Best Radio Station I’ve been subjected to 95sx by many fans – my boyfriend, my teenage buddies and various business intercoms – and, overall, I guess it’s OK. It doesn’t matter what I think anyway though – our readers voted it the best. Second - MIX 95.9 Third - The Bridge 105.5 Best Real Estate Company Good Realtors like to stick together – like the parts of a house, you might say. And around here, good Realtors like to work for Carolina One . Our readers tell us they’ve “built” a great company. Pun intended. Second - The Cassina Group Third - The Peninsula Company Best Real Estate Team Think about your favorite teams in sports – Gamecocks, Tigers, Eagles, whatever. Now think about your favorite team in real estate. And if you don’t yet have one, consider the Ed Hunnicutt Team , worth your undying fandom, according to our readers. Second - The Cassina Group Third - Charleston Fine Homes Best Realtor During the home buying process, your Realtor becomes your best friend, the very person you share your sorrows and triumphs with. For that kind of emotional support, call Del Shaffer to be your sidekick in your home purchase. Our readers still send him Christmas cards. Second - Brian Mello Third - Dru Dubois Best Tanning Salon We live in the South, where no one wants to be pale. We also live in 2018, where no one wants melanoma. How to solve this dilemma? Call Vanity Salon , where our BEVERAGE SUPERSTORE SHOPBOTTLES.COM 610 COLEMAN BLVD, MT. PLEASANT (843) 849-9463 ThankYou! STOP IN TO BROWSE OUR WIDE SELECTION OF WINE, BEER, SPIRITS AND MORE . FOR VOTING BOTTLES AS THE BEST LIQUOR STORE IN MT. PLEASANT!