Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

32 BEST OF 2019 | | 2019 W W W . B E S T O F M P . C O M a camera. And that makes Dr. Nick Savastano’s job as an orthodontist more important, too. Our readers say he’s the one who will keep your teeth straight and photo ready. Second – Dr. Travis Nash Third – Dr. James Kelley II BEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON You’ve never replaced a hip, repaired a shoulder or even set a fracture. So how do you determine who’s a great orthopedic surgeon? Credentials are a good place to start. With degrees from Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania and 15 years’ experience, Dr. William Carroll has them all. As for reviews, he’s five-star rated. Second – Dr. William Estes Third – Dr. John Graham BEST PEDIATRIC DENTIST Taking your kid to the dentist is daunting; if they’re young, tears could be in your future. If they’re older, what about dreaded cavities? Dr. Randy Pagenkopf and his staff get it, so they work to keep the kids at ease – comfortable visits, accurate treatments and a positive environment mean healthier teeth and happier patients – and parents. Second – Kids Teeth Third – Pleasant Family Dentistry BEST PEDIATRICIAN Parents desire nothing but themost exceptional treatment when it comes to the health and well-being of their children, and Seaside Pediatrics delivers professional and compassionate care. Whether it’s preventive or acute care or helping manage chronic conditions, our readers appreciate their friendly and patient staff. Second – Mount Pleasant Pediatrics Third – Coastal Pediatrics BEST PHARMACIST Remember the old days, when a trip to the drugstore meant a smiling pharmacist behind the counter who knew your name? Well, our readers think visiting Cynthia Feldman is like a trip down memory lane. At Sweetgrass Pharmacy and Compounding, she’ll fill your prescription with a personal touch. Second – Kim Richardson, Pitt Street Pharmacy Third – Jeri Drouillard, Long Point Pharmacy BEST PHYSICAL THERAPIST Whatever your game – fromwalks on the beach to a rugby scrum – you’ll get back into it at your own pace at Made 2Move Physical Therapy . Here, the core message is,“Moving beyond the routine diagnosis and the quick fix, we take time for a thorough evaluation.”You’ll enjoy pain-free movement and“crushing your goals.” Second – Imagine Physical Therapy Third – Olympic Physical Therapy BEST PLASTIC SURGEON Let’s face it, we could all use help looking like a better version of ourselves. From head to toe – and everywhere in between – Dr. Jack Hensel has been helping patients put their best face, or body, forward for 18 years. Specializing in breast surgery, body contouring and liposuction, he helps you look and feel your best. Second – Dr. Clayton Crantford Third – Dr. Patrick O’Neill BEST PODIATRIST If you’re suffering from heel pain, running injuries or other foot- and ankle-related ailments, Dr. Andrew Saffer of Carolina Foot Specialists can help you, well, heal. His office works hard to educate and inform their patients and provide state-of-the-art treatment that will get you back on your feet again. Second – Dr. John Marina Third – Dr. Rahn Ravenell BEST PRIMARY-CARE DOCTOR We’re living in an impersonal world these days, but a visit to your primary-care doctor should be quite the opposite. According to our readers, Dr. Mark McLaughlin is the friendly face to help you get well soon, no matter what ails you. Second – Dr. Lee Allison Third – Dr. Abigail Gass BEST SPA Consider Lowcountry Beauty & Wellness Spa your one- stop shop for enhancing your appearance and keeping you on a vigorous, healthy track. Weight loss, body sculpting, skin care, hair transplants, facial rejuvenation and laser procedures – and even those subtle “nips and tucks” are all on the menu here. Guys, check it out! It’s not just for the ladies. Second – Woodhouse Spa Third – Urban Nirvana