Mount Pleasant Magazine July/August 2020

153 | | Independent Schools O ne of the hallmarks of a Trident Academy education is that students don’t arrive in first grade and stay until senior year — and the teachers couldn’t be prouder. “Children get the tools they need in order to go on and be successful in a more traditional learning environment,” said Betsy Fanning, head of school. For K-12 students with language-based learning disabilities, Trident Academy’s teachers provide an individualized, multi- sensory and research- based approach. “We remediate children with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia and transform their lives and their family life,” said Fanning. In a traditional environment, children with learning differences often feel inadequate because they don’t follow the regular trajectory — when, in fact, they are bright, hard-working students. Fanning believes students who learn differently need to be taught differently, and that is why so many families turn to Trident Academy. “It’s remarkable, and the transformation is almost instant,” she said. “Our teachers understand each child’s learning difference and what they need in order to grasp new information.” The new school year begins August 17 and has rolling admission. Tuition has been lowered for kindergarten through second grade to make early intervention — something Fanning stresses — more affordable. Because third grade is the benchmark when children read independently to learn, she added: “We’re pushing to help kids get the foundation they need to be successful in third grade and beyond.” For more information on Trident Academy, visit or call 843-884-3494. BY TERI ERRICO GRIFFIS Celebrating Learning Differences Trident Academy