Mount Pleasant Magazine May/June 2018

43 | | feature apply to a diverse range of people.” Since 2016, the agency has opened the downtown skate park and James Island’s historic McLeod Plantation. Already in possession of several more properties, the organization has no plans to slow down. “Over the next couple of years, one of the properties that’s going to be developed is Old Towne Creek County Park in West Ashley,” said Reynolds. “We’re working on the master plan right now. It will be off Olde Town Road and have a nice connection with the nearby Charles Towne Landing.” Though planning and development is a huge part of what CCPRC does, it’s not the agency’s sole job. Throughout the year, the parks offer educational programming, summer camps and special events. East Cooper is home to four county parks: Palmetto Islands; the Mount Pleasant Pier; Isle of Palms County Park, which provides beach access; and the newest facility East of the Cooper, Laurel Hill County Park. Cherished by residents for its unique landscape and many facilities, Palmetto Islands is a large, family-orientated space located off Long Point Road. It stretches along Horlbeck Creek and features a 50-foot observation tower, a playground known as “the big toy,” fishing and crabbing docks, a picnic area and an off-leash dog park. During the summer, Palmetto Islands is a hot spot because it offers a kayak launch, pedal boat rentals and dozens of trails. “The landscape there is really unique,” Reynolds added. “A major component is a series of little marsh islands, which are connected to the park’s main area by boardwalks. There’s one large island we call Nature Island. It’s undeveloped – there’s just some trails out there – but it’s a really excellent place to explore.” With a mix of everything residents love about the Lowcountry, this park allows visitors to marvel at marshland vistas, wander through open meadows and explore mysterious woodlands. In addition to the stunning physical features, Palmetto Islands includes a water park for kids, which remains open from May into September. Though the summer camps fill up almost immediately, the county also offers nature excursions and parent-child programs at this location, along with adult fitness classes such as Yoga on the Creek and Walk and Restore, a combination of walking and yoga. Laurel Hill County Park came to fruition in 2015. Because of an agreement with the land’s former owner, this park has limited programming to respect the owner’s wish to preserve the property’s natural integrity. This policy allows residents to enjoy the beauty of the land, with about