Charleston's Independent School Directory 2018-19

www.CharlestonsPrivateSchool | | www.ed ISD INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS Your future doesn’t stop at graduation. We believe in preparing our students for the future by impacting their hearts and minds so faith and intellect can flourish. We invest in their success with continual encouragement from our academic counselor, passionate teachers and a growing alumni network. After all, once a child becomes one of our students, they’re a part of our family for life. c e l e b r a t i n g y e a r s Want to join the Palmetto Christian Academy family? Check out tod ay! 9 Y A R D S G o t h e w h o l e — A N D T H E N S O M E J e r e m i a h 2 9 : 1 1 Voted Best Private School 4 Years in a Row