Mount Pleasant – Shem Creek – Lowcountry – Charleston – Seafood – vendors


One of the luxuries of living on the coast is that you have access to an abundance of local seafood. We Southerners are passionate about our food, and having fresh ingredients at our fingertips is just one of the advantages of residing in the Lowcountry. It should come as no surprise that seafood abounds on the menus of most Mount Pleasant restaurants. In many cases, the … [Read more...]

Fear No Easel: Bringing Back Creativity


Overheard from the next table, “I haven’t held one of these in my hand since the eighth grade.” The 60-something-year-old gentleman was talking about a paintbrush as he sat in front of his blank canvas at Fear No Easel. Many in the room expressed similar sentiments: not having painted since high school; not feeling this creative since helping their child make a volcano for the … [Read more...]

Gullah Cuisine, 1717 Highway 17 North, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Gullah Cuisine - Dining area - Mount Pleasant, SC - 1717 Hwy 17 N.

If you are not from here, You might think you’ve had real Southern cooking because you’ve tasted takeout chicken. You have not. If you are from here, you might have your mother’s fried pork chop recipe on a stained index card. And maybe you’ve known how to cook collards since you were old enough to reach the counter. Still, you don’t always feel like pulling out the heavy … [Read more...]

Family Circle Cup – Trivia – Questions and Answers

The first FCC was held in 1973. Who was the singles winner? Rosie Casals defeated Nancy Richey for the title.     Who won the FCC’s first doubles competition? Francoise Durr and Betty Stove outdueled Rosie Casals and Billie Jean King in the doubles finals.     Where on Hilton Head Island was the FCC played? Sea Pines … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC – Thrift – Resale – Consignment shops

Mount Pleasant Thrift Shops Encore Thrift Store - supports CrossBridge Family Ministries 1039 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. • (843) 654-9095 Goodwill Stores - supports job training and placement for people with disabilities 1220-A Ben Sawyer Blvd. • (843) 216-8088 1141 Six Mile Road • (843) 375-0189 Habitat For Humanity - sells home improvement goods, home … [Read more...]