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mp business | | MPB The Money Saving Fast Quote Hotline 800-771-2293 | Serving all of South Carolina – Specializing in LOCAL AUTO | HOME | FLOOD | WIND | COMMERCIAL PROPERTY | BUSINESS WE KNOW COMMERCIAL INSURANCE Schirmer Insurance Group can customize a commercial property insurance policy to your specifications. Whether you own a building structure, equipment, inventory, stock, or furniture, you have commercial property. How will you replace your property in the event of a fire, theft, or severe storm? A catastrophic loss could close down your business temporarily or indefinitely. Commercial property policies can include coverage for: • Structure (building) • Furniture • Equipment • Lost inventory • Landscaping • Signs • Loss of income • And more… Call Schirmer Insurance Group, LLC. 800-771-2293 today and we will help you protect your investment. SASS SCHIRMER Principal Agent (843) 482-0130 We LOVE calling our home town an All-America City