Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

51 | | civility, integrity and truth. “He’s just what we need to represent the Lowcountry. He’s an environmentalist, and he’s smart. I can’t vote for someone just because she’s a woman,” Langley commented. O’Neil, meanwhile, who pointed out that he has voted both for Democrats and Republicans in the past, referred to Cunningham as “a breath of fresh air.” He said he thought Arrington’s position was that her job was to support President Trump. “Joe seemed to understand that his job is to represent the people of this district in Washington. He understands that he needs to be our lobbyist in Washington,” said the Sullivan’s Island mayor, citing issues that need attention in the Lowcountry, among them flooding, changing weather patterns, highways, bridges and mass transit. “He was far and away the best choice,” O’Neil added. According to Cunningham, the road to victory was not an easy one, especially in view of the fact that the to drilling off the South Carolina coast. “The coast is everything. It’s a $19-billion industry,” said Carroll. “And Katie flip-flopped on the issue.” Carroll, Langley, Owens and O’Neil agreed with Cunningham’s stance on drilling, and they also cited Arrington’s vote against permitting local communities to ban the use of plastics. Possibly just as important, they were impressed by Cunningham’s positive approach during the election cycle. “I can’t stand negative campaigning,” Carroll said, while Owens added that “she kept slinging mud. It took a toll on me and others. Her style turned me off.” “I chose by looking at how the election would benefit my town, my community and my district,” the Mount Pleasant Councilman added. “The decision was pretty easy. He put the process above party. He was the responsible adult. That’s democracy.” Langley, a founding member of Don’t Drill Lowcountry, described Cunningham with three words: Two local mayors, Jimmy Carroll of Isle of Palms, left, and Pat O’Neil of Sullivan’s Island, endorsed Cunningham. Photo by Brian Sherman. From preventative hygiene services and gentle restorative procedures to the latest in cosmetic dentistry, trust in 21 years of experience. Garner Family Dentistry, LLC 1059 Chuck Dawley Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 843.884.6002 Mon-Thurs 8-5 • Bonding • Cosmetic Contouring • Crowns and Bridges • Cosmetic Fillings • Implants • Veneers • Zoom Whitening • Sealants • Extractions • Scaling and Root Planing • Dentures • Cosmetic Dentistry • Jaw/TMJ • Oral health screenings Cynthia Garner, DDS feature