Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

38 BEST OF 2020 | | 2020 W W W . B E S T O F M P . C O M BEST IN-HOME HEALTH CARE Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition or recuperating from surgery or an illness, Amedisys Home Health , assists you in the recovery process, delivering quality care in your own home so you can maintain as much of your independence as possible. Second - FirstLight Home Care, Lowcountry Companions In Home Care BEST LASIK SURGEON When you are getting Lasik surgery, you want to feel at ease and minimize pain and downtime. Dr. Kerry Solomon of Carolina Eyecare provides first- class treatment to help restore your vision while ensuring his patients are informed and comfortable with the process. Second - Dr. George Waring of Waring Vision Institute Third - Dr. Julie Bullard of Mount Pleasant Eye Surgeons BEST OB/GYN Dr. Toya Pound is a skilled specialist who can help you take care of yourself with preventative screenings and regular exams, all which check for an assortment of physical and biological conditions. Patients love her because she offers the best treatment options available. Second - Dr. Natalie Hammond Third - Dr. Lauri Bullen, Dr. Lindsay Foley BEST ORAL SURGERY PRACTICE Certainly no one ever looks forward to having oral surgery, but it is comforting to know that if you do have to undergo a procedure, Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery will provide you with the highest quality care in the safest setting. Second - Shelbourne and Associates Third - Barefoot Oral and Facial Surgery BEST ORTHODONTIST Dr. Nick Savastano of Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is not only professional and efficient; he and his team are as transparent as a set of clear braces. Patients come for the expert oral care, but return because of the honest, friendly and welcoming staff. Second - Dr. Jed Kelley of Kelley Orthodontics Third - Dr. Travis Nash of Nash Orthodontics BEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON Injuries are an unfortunate reality for anyone who participates in sports, and when you suffer a setback, you want to rebound quickly. You’ll win with Dr. John Graham , who specializes in the treatment of sports injuries and helps you get off the bench and back in the game. Second - Dr. Brodie McKoy Third - Dr. William Estes BEST PEDIATRIC DENTIST Okay, so no child we know is going to request a trip to the dentist — and if yours does, please teach us your secret! — but dental care is an important part of our formative lives. Drs. Will MacDonald and Mike Myers of Kids Teeth provide the highest quality care in a fun, relaxed environment. Second - Dr. Randy Pagenkopf Third - Coastal Kids Dental BEST PEDIATRICIAN Parents desire nothing but the most exceptional treatment when it comes to the health and well- being of their children and Coastal Pediatric Associates pride themselves on being compassionate, relentless advocates for all patients and their families. Second - Mount Pleasant Pediatrics Third - Sweetgrass Pediatrics