Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

49 | | feature H allie Hill Animal Sanctuary in Hollywood is just that: a sanctuary providing lifelong care for the animals that come into its custody. Some animals are specially-abled – blind or deaf – and others can be considered feral and may never warm to human companionship, but that doesn’t keep the staff and volunteers from trying. There are also some highly adoptable animals at this almost-40-acre property. Perhaps there was an owner who died and the family brought the pet to Hallie Hill rather than surrendering it to an overburdened shelter system and an unknown fate. An overcrowded shelter may ask Hallie Hill to take on a tough case or a geriatric pet whose chance of adoption in a shelter system is low. Hallie Hill’s mantra is simple: “While we can’t change an animal’s past, our mission is to rewrite their future.” While all shelters and rescues work tirelessly to place their adoptable animals, the thing that sets Hallie Hill apart is their vow to care for an animal for its entire life. That means a comfortable place to sleep, food, enrichment activities and veterinary care, not to mention the love and Cat cottages. BY JEANNE TAYLOR A Special Shelter Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary A cabin at the Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary. Photos by Jeanne Taylor Photography | Bella is an adoptable lab ready to find her forever home.