Mount Pleasant Magazine July/August 2021

49 www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com | www. ReadMPM. com | www. I LoveMountPl easant . com I t was the first official day of the in-shore shrimping season. Things were looking good for Lockwood McCants Freeman IV and the Miss Kim crew — they started out of Shem Creek at 8 a.m. and brought up more than 250 pounds of shrimp in the first trawl of the day. Unfortunately, that’s when their luck ran out. About 30 minutes after setting the nets out again, Freeman was making a turn near the Morris Island lighthouse when the port-side outrigger popped up, capsizing the boat. Freeman and his crew were quickly rescued, but the Miss Kim was not as fortunate. You’ve undoubtedly already heard a version of this story, whether in your daily newspaper or while scrolling Facebook in the days following the accident. But, fortunately for Freeman, this is not the end of this story. Because this is Mount Pleasant. It’s not often that you meet someone nowadays who was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, but Freeman can claim that rare title. His father owned a shrimp boat for many years, and he grew up on the Winds of Fortune, shrimping alongside his uncle, the late Wayne Magwood. “I’ve worked on every boat on the creek,” touted Freeman. “It’s a hard business, but I love doing it.” Early last summer, Freeman finally realized the dream of owning his own shrimp boat. He and Magwood drove up to Harkers Island, North Carolina, where he bought the Miss Kim . “We brought her back down the intracoastal together,” he reminisced, clearly moved by the memory of spending that precious time with his uncle before his untimely death just a few months later. Freeman spent the rest of the year getting the boat ready, and this was set to Pr i or to the acc i dent , the c rew of the Mi s s K im brought up more than 250 pounds of shr imp i n the f i r s t t rawl of the day. BY L I NDSAY C . B I SHOP The Story of the Miss Kim When Bad Luck Strikes One of Our Own, Mount Pleasant Steps Up Freeman proud l y debuted the Mi s s K im at th i s year ’s bl es s i ng of the f l eet pr i or to her f i r s t season of Lowcount r y shr impi ng. Photo by Mi t ch Sch l ime r. Photo by Lockwood McCant s Freeman I V.