Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2021

25 www. ReadMPM. com | www. VOICE forRea l Es tate. com | www.MountPl easantBu i l der s . com For Turner, proximity to her children and her other home in New York City is a game-changer. “For a New Yorker, an hour-and-a-half plane ride to get away from chaos is just amazing. Just to get across the bridge to New Jersey takes 45 minutes.” Turner has already fallen in love with Mount Pleasant. “It’s close to Charleston’s culture and arts. You have all the water around you, the people around you are really, really nice, and there’s a good mix of people,” she continued. “Also, places like Starbucks and Whole Foods – it’s important to someone from the city to not have to drive 20 miles for that.” Karinshak, Turner’s Realtor,® added that in the era of COVID-19, the weather is also a perk. People can get outside for exercise or socially distanced events and can even comfortably dine outdoors for the majority of the year. Though people of all ages are moving to the area, Zepp pointed out that reputable schools and the cleanliness of our town are often the driving factors for her clients with young children. “There’s also a lot to do when we’re not on lockdown - tons of festivals and gatherings, like the South Eastern Wildlife Expo or Ducks Unlimited. A lot of those events have either adjusted for COVID or been postponed, but they’ll come back. Our outdoor opportunities can’t be beat,” she added. As for the future of this trend of city birds migrating south, most real estate agents agree that this is only the beginning. “I think it will be an ongoing phenomenon for the foreseeable future — until we run out of inventory or the taxes go up,” Bell said. “We have more buyers today than we have homes to sell. That’s a good problem to have in some regards, but it’s a bad problem in others because prices are going to go up significantly. There’s a lot of competition right now.” Lane agreed, predicting that the work-from-home option is a precipice for big changes in how people live, work and play. “I think we’re seeing the front end of a long-term shift. The pandemic has forced most companies into a temporary remote work structure, and many are realizing that they can avoid the overhead for large office space in metro areas while also increasing employee productivity. As more and more companies catch on, it will completely change the thought process behind where people choose to call home,” he said. D E S I G N | B U I L D | R E N O V AT E 843.767.7665 | Serving Mt. Pleasant for 30 Years Voted one of the “Best Pool and Spa Services” P O O L M A I N T E N A N C E ® around town