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A Seasoned Favorite: Southern Living’s Taste of Charleston

To say Charleston is a town full of foodies would be an understatement. We praise the farm-to-table, small batch, innovative dishes assembled with grace by those who know their way around the kitchen. Whether it’s the opening of a new restaurant or the arrival of a new farmers market vendor, each is met with enthusiasm. […]

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henry and eva

His and Hers: Henry & Eva

    Jeff and Wesley Kennedy opened their boutique in Mount Pleasant in early December 2014, bringing a breath of fresh air to Coleman Boulevard and sparking interest for both male … Continue Reading



Lost Flavors Found

Photo by Heather Grilliot. Maniacal and seemingly half-crazed, Glenn Roberts bursts through the back kitchen door. "I've got to be across town in 15 minutes. Here," he blurts, handing me a small … Continue Reading


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The Simersons Relocate to Mount Pleasant

  Photo Provided. Tracy Simerson brought her Appalachian twang and her family from Asheville, North Carolina, to the beautiful island town of Mount Pleasant. “We were living in Anderson, South Carolina, but my husband and I both wanted to live on the coast where we could raise our children on the water,” said Tracy. “Everything […]

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Bird’s the Word: Chickens in Mount Pleasant

Many residents of Old Mount Pleasant are experiencing a movement of sorts. That movement is strutting around their backyards, pecking at the ground and delivering a vehement squawk or windy flap every now and again. Yes, I am speaking about chickens, living as closely as beyond your neighbor’s fence if not in your own yard. […]

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Caro Park 6

Carolina Park: Committed to Community

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, the kind of breezy Lowcountry day that makes the soul well up with an equal mix of gratitude and homegrown pride. As I pull into Carolina Park, a 1,700 acre master-planned community in Mount Pleasant, I roll my car windows up. There’s only one thing to do on a day […]

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