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Hope House MP Pres

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church: Hope House and the I-Beam Program

  This is part of a series on East Cooper churches providing mission and charity work throughout the world. Read the introduction article here.    The sanctuary at Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church was built in 1854, and, since then, the church has served the community in various ways. It was a Confederate hospital during the […]


Steel City Pizza Trivia Night

In Pursuit of the Trivial

If you’ve never heard of Alex Trebek, you might want to skip this article. On the other hand, if you happen to know  the answers to such “Jeopardy-style” questions as which director won the Academy … Continue Reading


Dr Jack Hensel - the Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center and the Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa

Don’t Wait! Get Back Into Shape

The holidays are a time for indulgence, and rightly so; after all, we’ve survived another year. But once the last peppermint martini has been swilled and the last bite of cake has been munched, it’s … Continue Reading



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Rental apartment luxury: Gregorie Ferry Landing

Attainable Luxury: Gregorie Ferry Landing

From the oversized pool to the mini-playground, Gregorie Ferry Landing offers amenities for all ages. It’s a residential oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of cross streets yet still just a jaunt to the many restaurants and boutiques that dust the area. Located off of Highway 17 North, Gregorie Ferry offers attainable luxury. Posh […]

Coleman Boulevard apartment rental, Mount Pleasant, SC

Coleman Boulevard: A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Life at the Boulevard in Mount Pleasant could not be more fitting for Jon Livak’s lifestyle. As vice president of a medical implant distribution firm and a veteran of his industry, Livak travels a great deal and considers his apartment on Coleman to be “his business home.” Lately, though, he’s been spending more and more […]

A true masterpiece is something that never leaves one with the feeling that anything is missing

Masterpiece Living: Somerby of Mount Pleasant

The word “masterpiece” generally provokes thoughts of priceless works of art and pieces of music that have been played for centuries. But at Somerby of Mount Pleasant, the mission is to ensure that residents think of their own lives as masterpieces. “A true masterpiece is something that never leaves one with the feeling that anything […]


x-DSC_1028 copy

Nothing but Networking

    According to Webster’s, an “expo” is a “public exhibition or show, as of industrial and artistic productions, as in the Paris Exposition of 1878.” According to Frank Frazier, … Continue Reading