At Appetite for Atmosphere: Waterfront Dining in East Cooper

Waters Edge

Why would we live in the Lowcountry if we didn't ever dine outdoors? It's one of the perks we enjoy during the warmer months (or even the not-so-warm months, thanks to our mild winters), and, when the view includes water, it's even better. Here in East Cooper we have a great selection of places to dine on the water this summer, from Shem Creek to the Isle of Palms. The best … [Read more...]

Life Gave You Lemons? Decorate That Tea Glass!


For years, Southern folks have reveled in taking shade under sprawling live oaks while sipping sweet tea. A day of porch swinging pairs perfectly with an iced glass brewed to perfection. Toss in a handful of perfect cubes and some sprigs of mint, and you’ve got a premier summer beverage. Add a few friends and some liquor to the pitcher and you've got a party. The crew at … [Read more...]

Shem Creek’s New Hot Spot: Tavern & Table


I used to think that I loved meeting other writers. Not that it's changed – if any writers are out there reading this, look me up – but I've realized I love meeting any artist who is serious about his or her craft, food included. And when I met Katie Lorenzen-Smith, head chef at Shem Creek's new restaurant, Tavern & Table, I could tell right away that she is a passionate … [Read more...]

Olive Love at The Crescent Olive

TCO - Charlotte & Mike

Whether you use it to dress a salad, sauté some shrimp or apply to your skin for a youthful glow, nutrient-rich olive oil is essential for zesting up your cuisine and your life. Legend has it that the goddess Athena generously bestowed the gift of the olive tree to humanity. One shop in Mount Pleasant is serving up a vast selection of the liquid gold worthy of the gods. From … [Read more...]

Serious About Fun: Juanita Greenberg’s


About all Juanita Greenberg’s Nacho Royale takes seriously is serving fresh, tasty and budget-conscious Mexican-inspired food and drink. And really, what could be more important than that? The tall adobe-red building with teal windows and trim stands out on Coleman Boulevard, beckoning curious motorists. Inside, the brick walls that reach toward the vaulted ceiling are … [Read more...]