Surrounded by East Cooper’s Past: Local Cemeteries

Lucas cemetery shemwood 7

What is it about old cemeteries that we find so intriguing? Maybe it’s the serenity and natural beauty. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s thoughts of the hereafter. Regardless, the East Cooper area has more than enough historic graveyards to evoke any of these pondering. Quite a few are in some rather unlikely places. Myrtle Grove is barely noticeable on busy Venning Road, … [Read more...]

The Legacy of Tony Page


  This Father’s Day will be one of the hardest days of my life. My father, Tony Page passed away on March 25. More than 700 people showed up to our family's visitation just to share the love they had for him. Why would so many people take time from their busy lives? I can come up with many reasons, but the best explanation is that he lived his life for his family and … [Read more...]

Snow in 1989 – Remembering the Fun

Chas Snow-1989018

Back in 1989, Mount Pleasant was a different place in terms of population, businesses and real estate – but one thing was just about the same: the community of people who like to have a good time. And a good time was had by all during the great snow of 1989, which, right on the heels of Hurricane Hugo in September, finished that year off with a bang and a White Christmas for … [Read more...]

Up, Up and Away – Mount Pleasant’s Own Airport


  If you weren’t actively looking for the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that it even exists. Its somewhat remote location is marked only by a modest green sign with white lettering along the U.S. Highway 17 roadside, just north of Park West. Mount Pleasant has its own airport? What’s that all about? Where did it come from and where … [Read more...]

War of 1812 – Mount Pleasant, SC

War of 1812, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina monument

June marks the 200th anniversary of the onset of the War of 1812. While there was no significant combat on South Carolina soil during the two-and-ahalf- year conflict, soldiers in Mount Pleasant played an important role early in the war. First a little background. In June 1812, the fledgling United States of America was embroiled in an ongoing conflict between longtime … [Read more...]