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How Does Your Garden Grow?: With a Team of East Cooper Residents

Nice sign Chris painted for us

  Life as a magazine writer and editor sometimes means imagining things in their prime that are still a little ways off. Take, for example, the day I visited the community garden at I'On on a January afternoon. It wasn't difficult to envision the mounds of dirt erupting for fresh vegetables and colorful flowers to burst forth, but for that … [Read more...]

Homes Away From Home: Local Families Host Tennis Pros


  When I got on the phone to chat with international tennis professional Melanie Oudin, I was not the least bit surprised to learn that just minutes before my phone call, she'd been practicing her swing. Oudin, one of the many tennis players who grace Daniel Island during the Family Circle Cup, scheduled this year for March 29 through April … [Read more...]

Up, Up and Away – Mount Pleasant’s Own Airport


  If you weren’t actively looking for the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that it even exists. Its somewhat remote location is marked only by a modest green sign with white lettering along the U.S. Highway 17 roadside, just north of Park West. Mount Pleasant has its own airport? What’s that all … [Read more...]

The End of a Pig Tale

pig wig

Porky Pig became a big star back in the 1930s. The Three Little Pigs have been escaping the Big Bad Wolf since the mid-1800s. And who can forget those little piggies on a baby’s toes, especially the little one, who cried “wee, wee, wee” all the way home? They’ve been around for three centuries or more. But if you grew up in the South, … [Read more...]

Out With the Old; In With the New – Snee Farm’s Clubhouse

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I was sitting in an illustrious banquet room, at a table covered neatly by white cloth. To my left was a game room of sorts, where a group of chirpy women were playing bridge. Ten previous, the newly-renovated clubhouse at Snee Farm Country Club in Mount Pleasant was no more than a “dilapidated, leaky, muggy, smelly and run-down” facility, but … [Read more...]

Moving On Up (Highway 17)

Eddie White and Family

Eddie White Embraces Darrell Creek For Dr. Eddie White, Mount Pleasant and its surrounding islands are all one big, happy family. After all, Awendaw Green, his haven for the music community, is populated each Wednesday night during what is affectionately known as “Barn Jam” and draws musicians and music lovers from every corner of the … [Read more...]

The Heart of Mount Pleasant Beats Again


  Once upon a time in Coastal Carolina, long before Mount Pleasant was anything more than a sleepy suburb of Charleston, the town’s main street stretched lazily along part of what is now known as Coleman Boulevard. As Mount Pleasant’s population exploded, rocketing to its current status as the fourth largest municipality in South … [Read more...]

It Floats Their Boats – East Cooper Liveaboards

The Adams family lives on their boat year-round.

I’m having a hard time concentrating on what Jennifer and Tripp Adams are saying. I can hear the dolphins break the surface at the bow and stern as the rocking motion of their home lulls me into a trance-like state. I’m imagining myself being soothed to sleep as the waves lap the sides, salt air wafts through the cabin and I am rocked … [Read more...]

Big Shrimpin’ – Tales from Mount Pleasant’s Shrimp Boat Heyday

Photo used with permission from East Cooper: A Maritime History.  by Tressy Magwood Mellichamp. Available from the publisher online at or by calling 888-313-2665.

    On an unseasonably warm day in January, I dined at Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek, a familiar place to nearly all residents and visitors East of the Cooper, and daydreamed about what Shem Creek was like during the golden age of local shrimping. The restaurants and bars we currently love would be gone, of course, replaced by … [Read more...]

Army Wives – Mount Pleasant, SC – Landings Run

Army Wives set - Mount Pleasant, SC - Landings Run - house

The army wives were stationed in Landings Run, a Mount Pleasant neighborhood, this past January. Now in its sixth season, “Army Wives” is filmed in the Charleston area, and, while many scenes are shot on a soundstage downtown, they often go on location to lend authenticity to the drama. Over the last five seasons, Charleston and its environs … [Read more...]