Bookworms, Rejoice! New Mount Pleasant Library

New Library

Most residents of Mount Pleasant have visited the regional library on Anna Knapp Boulevard and battled its crowded parking lot and checkout desk. Residents of East Cooper love to read and learn, and we’ve deserved more space in which to do those things for quite some time. Fortunately, a new library is finally planned for the town of Mount Pleasant, and bookworms – … [Read more...]

A Secret Retreat: Mount Pleasant’s Marsh View Trail

Marsh View Trail

Less than 50 years ago, Rifle Range Road was a quiet rural route surrounded by small farms. Today the farms are gone and cars speed by, bringing folks to one of the many residential neighborhoods that line the roadway. Many are unaware of a hidden retreat that lies behind the Mount Pleasant Waterworks complex. When I was asked to write about Marsh View Trail, my first … [Read more...]

A Strong Influence From Nature: The New Sullivan’s Island Elementary School

Sullivan’s Island Elementary School

Imagine an elementary school perched above a beautiful beach, not unlike a sand castle. Inside, classrooms are level with  he tops of the trees, children can peek into neighboring rooms through porthole-like windows, and they can touch and  closely examine water environments. Instructors are teaching more than just science and math; they delve into biology and  social … [Read more...]

Musical Rooms: The Winckler Home Finds New Harmony


  When I visited Andrea Winckler at her home on Daniel Island, it was hard to decide where we should pull up a chair and chat about her recent experiences with Tidal Creek Construction. Andrea and her husband, Tom, relocated from the Washington D.C. Area a few years back and were thrilled with the beautiful exterior of their home from the moment they found it. … [Read more...]