Bennett Hospitality and Patriots Point: Well Worth the Wait


Patriots Point was in search of a large and steady stream of income to save its main attraction. Local developer Michael Bennett was looking for another place in or near his native Charleston to build “beautiful buildings.” A lease agreement that is expected to be approved by the South Carolina State Fiscal Accountability Authority sometime before the end of this year will … [Read more...]

Patriots Point: It’s More Than a Museum

At the Vietnam Experience, visitors can watch movies that delve into the Tet Offensive, the Mekong Delta and the Battle of Khe Sanh, and they can listen to actual transmissions from soldiers in helicopters, aboard riverboats and in the field.

Is Patriots Point a military museum, the home of three aging warships and one of the largest collections of airplanes in the nation and a monument to the men and women who kept the Axis Alliance from its sinister World War II goal of world domination? Or is it a high-tech, hands-on collection of science- and history-related exhibits designed to entertain and educate visitors of … [Read more...]

They’d Rather Be Flying – ECPA and the Mount Pleasant Airport


   I park my car no more than 100 yards from what passes for an airport terminal, reveling in the realization that I won’t have to pull out a credit card when I leave the premises. I won’t be hassled by an overzealous TSA agent, nor will I have to decide which bags to check and which to carry on – there’s no room for either on this trip. And when I walk through the front … [Read more...]

Just a Hop and a Skip Up Highway 17 – Awendaw and McClellanville

Jeremy Creek 2

Those of us who live in Mount Pleasant are fortunate to be surrounded by other coastal communities. It's easy to have the larger ones – Myrtle Beach, Beaufort – on the radar, but what about our smaller neighbors to the north – namely Awendaw and McClellanville? Spring and summer are the perfect months to take a leisurely afternoon and turn it into a fun-filled adventure right … [Read more...]

The Local Flavor: Farmers Markets in the Lowcountry


I remember the first time I sunk my choppers into a homegrown, perfectly ripe, South Carolina peach. Like taking a bite out of the sun, it filled my senses with aromatic vibrancy and just the right amount of sweet. Grocery-store produce picking falls short of the wonder and sense of community provided at area farmers markets. Stacks of green onions, collards, crimson peppers … [Read more...]

The Past Looks Bright: Remembering Our Mount Pleasant Lighthouse

window where door was mp lighthouse

As any boater can tell you, navigating Charleston Harbor can be a tricky proposition because of its many sandbars and oyster beds. That challenge is of particular importance for the large commercial vessels entering and leaving this busy port city. Today, modern technology enables harbor pilots to guide ships safely through the main channel. But more than a century ago, ships … [Read more...]

Sustenance for the Soul and Body: The Center for Jewish Life


Jewish families seeking a taste of their religious heritage will soon have an array of appetizing options. The Charleston Center for Jewish Life, a 12,000-square-foot building currently under construction on 2.5 acres of land in a secluded, wooded area on Mathis Ferry Road in Mount Pleasant, is scheduled to open its doors in May 2016. According to Rabbi Yossi Refson, the … [Read more...]

Surrounded by East Cooper’s Past: Local Cemeteries

Lucas cemetery shemwood 7

What is it about old cemeteries that we find so intriguing? Maybe it’s the serenity and natural beauty. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s thoughts of the hereafter. Regardless, the East Cooper area has more than enough historic graveyards to evoke any of these pondering. Quite a few are in some rather unlikely places. Myrtle Grove is barely noticeable on busy Venning Road, … [Read more...]