A National Vineyard Visits Mount Pleasant: Wine Under the Oaks


  Lary Petterson never tires of telling the story of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards. Petterson is the southern regional manager of L&L, a family-owned business based in Solvang, California. The vineyard stretches 400 acres across Santa Barbara County, with 25 different grapes in the soil right now. The business is named for its founding owners: Louis Lucas, one … [Read more...]

Y’all Ready for Some (Wando) Football?


Six years ago, Jimmy Noonan accepted the head coaching position at Wando high school. He'd come from Spring Valley High School in the midlands, where the football culture is ingrained into kids’ minds at an early age. Noonan accepted the challenge of bringing his own brand of football philosophy to a community that was not necessarily a football town. Yet Mount Pleasant is a … [Read more...]

The Guiding Life: Siren Song of the Salt Water


For people passionate enough to scrape together a living by fishing, it’s more than just a job. Guiding is a way of life – a tough, wonderful life. For the rest of us, fishing is just occasional recreation, the once-every-so-often chance to spend time with our kids or maybe get away with the guys. On the surface, the lure of fishing for a living sounds romantic, but, every … [Read more...]

A Family-Friendly Sports Pub: Dog & Duck

Sandwich from Dog and Duck

Anyone who’s lived in Mount Pleasant for more than an hour-and-a-half knows about Dog & Duck, the family-friendly sports pub with two locations. Opened 13 years ago, the popular restaurant at the Stein Mart end of the Belle Hall Shopping Center spun off a satellite store in 2008 near the Park West Publix. With their voluminous roster of tasty pub food – munchies; wings … [Read more...]

A Ride to Remember: The Carolina Coast Surf Club


    I stood on the rain-soaked deck at The Windjammer on the Isle of Palms, my hands tightly gripping the wood handrail. I was fixated, entranced even, by the sheer power of the ocean. A late-spring storm surge had kicked up waves; they rose gradually then crashed violently in an avalanche of foam and white water. My mind returned to a state of reality when I … [Read more...]