Nice Ride! Charleston Cars & Coffee

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There's a popular club in Mount Pleasant that meets weekly, regularly attracts more than 100 people – mostly men – to its gatherings but has no admission requirements, no membership rolls, no dues and, pretty much, no rules. Everyone is wel-come to join just by driving to Towne Centre and parking in the lot right in front of Atlanta Bread any Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and … [Read more...]

Water Is Our Common Bond: The Lowcountry Maritime Society


The bodies of water that run through the Lowcountry sometimes feel like old friends. We become familiar with their ebb and flow, twists and turns and rocky oyster beds. For many, these streams, creeks, inlets and harbors provide a livelihood. The Lowcountry Maritime Society is an organization built on the belief that access to the water, and the many traditions that coincide … [Read more...]

Have a Good (Mari)time


At the heart of Mount Pleasant – a rapidly growing town still trying to reach that delicate balance between unfettered development and stubborn preservation  – lies Shem Creek. This unique area is home to a working community of fishermen who for generations have trawled the waterways and lived off the bounty found along the South Carolina coast. Although these local boat … [Read more...]

It’s Time for Some Live Tunes: The Summer Music Round-Up

Sol Driven Train

Every summer needs a soundtrack. Lucky for us, the coming months in the Lowcountry will offer plenty of moments to embrace a jam or two. From Volvo Car Stadium hosting arena-filling acts to The Windjammer providing us with intimate sets from some of our old-time favs, the forecast for this concert season calls for musical highs and scattered guitar solos. From Isle of Palms to … [Read more...]

The Local Flavor: Farmers Markets in the Lowcountry


I remember the first time I sunk my choppers into a homegrown, perfectly ripe, South Carolina peach. Like taking a bite out of the sun, it filled my senses with aromatic vibrancy and just the right amount of sweet. Grocery-store produce picking falls short of the wonder and sense of community provided at area farmers markets. Stacks of green onions, collards, crimson peppers … [Read more...]

Craft Beers for a Good Cause: The Charleston Beer Garden

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“The 5th Annual Charleston Beer Garden event is really about fun, not beer snobbery. It’s about coming together for a day and enjoying great beer, good company and listening to fantastic regional music.” So said Jason Kirk, organizer of the event set for May 14. The director of development for Lowcountry Aids Services, Kirk does much to raise funds for the 25-year-old … [Read more...]

Calling All Idea People! DIG SOUTH 2016 is Here


Every spring, the Lowcountry crackles with the kind of creative energy that could power a locomotive. A multitude of tech and digital innovators descend upon the area to brainstorm, share tales of entrepreneurial ventures and keep the flame of creativity burning bright. On April 26, 27 and 28, 200 speakers and more than 2,000 attendees will come together to inspire, encourage … [Read more...]

Set to Rock Daniel Island: Southern Ground Music and Food Festival

Zac Brown Band

Now in its fifth year, the Lowcountry’s own Southern Ground Music and Food Festival is set to rock Daniel Island to the delight of those who like their country gritty, their whiskey straight and their food options varied. With arguably the most impressive lineup to date, this event may indeed attract more out-of-town music lovers willing to clock the miles in the name of … [Read more...]

Showcasing at SEWE: East Cooper Artisans


  Every February, artists, outdoorsmen and nature lovers gather in the Lowcountry for a three-day event unlike any other. At The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, attendees truly get to experience the best of the great outdoors. Where else can folks sip on the region’s tastiest bourbon, beneath mossy oaks, while getting to see a bald eagle show off his impressive … [Read more...]

Coffee: Helping Strangers Conduct Business Since Who Knows When!

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    Coffee is one of my vices – I drink it daily, usually more than once. In fact, coffee was one of the first bonds that I shared with my co-editor, Brian Sherman. He and I both love the stuff, although he drinks his totally black, no cream or sugar, and I like to experiment a little more with lattes, espressos, cappucinos or whatever woos me at the … [Read more...]