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Homes Away From Home: Local Families Host Tennis Pros


  When I got on the phone to chat with international tennis professional Melanie Oudin, I was not the least bit surprised to learn that just minutes before my phone call, she'd been practicing her swing. Oudin, one of the many tennis players who grace Daniel Island during the Family Circle Cup, scheduled this year for March 29 through April … [Read more...]

Brushstrokes of Genius – SEWE Artists in East Cooper


I was pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to meet with local artist Vicki Robinson inside her home at Remley's Point. It's not every day that I'm invited into the private studio of a gifted painter, where bowls of eggshells wait on countertops to be hand painted and brushes, both large and small, catch sunlight through windows in the artist's … [Read more...]

Up, Up and Away – Mount Pleasant’s Own Airport


  If you weren’t actively looking for the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that it even exists. Its somewhat remote location is marked only by a modest green sign with white lettering along the U.S. Highway 17 roadside, just north of Park West. Mount Pleasant has its own airport? What’s that all … [Read more...]

Third Time’s the Charm

MP Business Expo logo with Date

Make Plans to Attend the 2013 Business and Community Expo. In its first two years, the Mount Pleasant Entrepreneur and Business Expo gave local companies, professionals and organizations an excellent opportunity to market their products and services to residents and visitors. Throughout the day, attendees and vendors exchanged ideas and contact … [Read more...]

Go Fly a Kite …Board

Photo taken by camera on kite.

  The sun was shining for the first time all week during this year’s Cooper River Bridge Run. It was high noon and I, unlike the rest of Charleston, was not enjoying the post-race festivities of beer drinking, bacon eating and band listening. Instead, I was sitting on the beach at Third Avenue on the Isle of Palms, waiting for Dr. Joe … [Read more...]

Well-Known Faces at the Races: The Cooper River Bridge Run


Every year, the Cooper River Bridge Run attracts tens of thousands of participants, ranging from hot dog-eating speed walkers to the world’s top distance runners.   Over the run’s 35-year span, the race has been graced by several famous faces, including actor Bill Murray and TV star Oprah Winfrey. Murray, who owns a home on … [Read more...]

Lighting Up the Harbor: With Mount Pleasant Boat Enthusiasts


Lights are the key to a winning entry in the annual Holiday Parade of Boats, according to Art Clark and Dick Howells, Mount Pleasant residents and members of the Charleston Sail and Power Squadron, which works closely with the city of Charleston to produce the holiday event. “The winner last year – you couldn’t see the boat for all of the … [Read more...]

Oyster Fever: There’s a Simple Cure in the Lowcountry


We suck ’em, shoot ’em, slurp ’em and savor every last second of their salty, sweet flavor before they slip down our throats. Oysters, a popular seafood snack for centuries, unfortunately have flirted with near-extinction wrought by disease and overharvesting. In fact, according to the most recent study by the Nature Conservancy, shellfish … [Read more...]

A Mount Pleasant Christmas: Annual Parade Draws Thousands


Traditions are a part of what make the holiday season special. Perhaps you rise before the sun in search of shopping deals the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe you make the trek to cut down your own, live Christmas tree and fashion wreathes from the clippings. You might attend midnight church services each Dec. 24.   A Mount Pleasant … [Read more...]

Drinking beer, Mount Pleasant, SC

Glass Container/Bottle, Bottles store

After a hard day as managing editor, nothing unwinds me like a cold glass of beer. There’s something about that first sip, the act of wiping foam from the edges of your mouth, that makes you realize that life is not the dire situation you thought it was hours ago while sitting at your desk. I must confess that the benevolent power of beer … [Read more...]