Worth a Thousand Words: Prism Photo & Framing

prism photo 2

Flash: Your daughter just graduated from high school. Click: The entire family made it home for Christmas dinner. Cheese: Those in the audience smile as the photo is snapped. Just about everyone enjoys traveling back to an unforgettable moment by reminiscing about a meaningful photo. And although traditional photography has changed drastically in recent years, many … [Read more...]

Olive Love at The Crescent Olive

TCO - Charlotte & Mike

Whether you use it to dress a salad, sauté some shrimp or apply to your skin for a youthful glow, nutrient-rich olive oil is essential for zesting up your cuisine and your life. Legend has it that the goddess Athena generously bestowed the gift of the olive tree to humanity. One shop in Mount Pleasant is serving up a vast selection of the liquid gold worthy of the gods. From … [Read more...]

Luring the Locals: Lowcountry Fly Shop


Although I hang out with a few people who enjoy the sport of fishing, I can't say I had a proper education on the matter until I crossed paths with Scott Davis, owner of the Lowcountry Fly Shop. A local stop for fishing enthusiasts for the last four years, Lowcountry Fly Shop is settling into a spacious new location at Moultrie Plaza on Coleman Boulevard, and Davis is looking … [Read more...]

Long Live Print! The Moultrie News Celebrates 50 Years

CDiggle - late 60s

      Just about everyone who moves “from off” to the communities East of the Cooper has encountered a pleasant surprise. Once each week, a newspaper chock-full of local news, information, opinion and entertainment arrives on their doorstep – for free. This has been going on in Mount Pleasant, the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island and Daniel Island … [Read more...]

Nothing but Networking

x-DSC_1028 copy

    According to Webster’s, an “expo” is a “public exhibition or show, as of industrial and artistic productions, as in the Paris Exposition of 1878.” According to Frank Frazier, the Mount Pleasant Business and Community Expo “is a great event for small business people and entrepreneurs because it draws a terrific crowd.” That’s Frank Frazier of Merrill … [Read more...]