Veggie Tales: Heath Farms in Mount Pleasant


Once upon a time, the main thoroughfares of Mount Pleasant were not gateways to the beautiful neighborhoods we recognize today but expanses of fertile land where hardworking farmers grew scores of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other staples of Southern produce. It was, of course, long before I moved to this area – even before I was born – but, as I spoke to Douglas M. Heath … [Read more...]

Tony Pope State Farm: Quality Business and Client Service

Tony Pope of Tony Pope State Farm Agency, Mt Pleasant SC

Twenty-six years ago, tony Pope opened his own State Farm Insurance agency in Summerville. His goals were to provide reliable insurance coverage at a fair price with impeccable customer service. His office was so successful that State Farm selected him to be the first multi-office agent in South Carolina, which gave him the opportunity to open his Mount Pleasant office in … [Read more...]

Bringing Driftwood to Life – The Charleston Fishman


Many people relocate to the Lowcountry to enjoy the magnificent weather, take advantage of an almost endless array of water-related outdoor activities and bask in the area’s historical significance. Though these reasons might have provided the impetus initially for his move from Columbia to Mount Pleasant four years ago, Bob Humphrey has discovered additional motivation to … [Read more...]

Starting a Movement: Adam Gorlitsky’s Unusual Bridge Run

adam gorlitsky 1

Mount Pleasant resident Adam Gorlitsky celebrated an unusual anniversary on Dec. 30, 2015: It had been 10 years since the auto accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. During that decade, Adam has faced the challenge of getting used to life in a wheelchair and leaving his sports-playing high school days behind. Now, at the age of 29, he’s tackling a new … [Read more...]

Having a Ball: Volunteers at the Volvo Car Open

FCC_Stadium Pic_CMYK

The annual women’s tennis tournament on Daniel Island, the Volvo Car Open – formerly the Family Circle Cup – is an incredible showcase of pro tennis players at the peak of their careers, and it’s a big event in the Charleston area every year. But it wouldn’t be the same without the 500 people who volunteer their time and energy every year to make it run. Of those 500 … [Read more...]

Four New Faces – A Look at Mount Pleasant’s Incoming Councilmen


Bob Brimmer Until 2015, Bob Brimmer showed little interest in the political arena, choosing instead to get involved in his adopted hometown by donating his time and talent in a variety of appointed positions. His decision to place his name on the crowded Council ballot was based on his belief that he could do more to make Mount Pleasant a better place to live, work and … [Read more...]

Breaking Through Barriers: Mount Pleasant’s First Black Town Marshal, Edmund Jenkins

Edmund 1

Deborah Jenkins-Lewis never met her great-grandfather, but she’s made it her life’s mission he be remembered for breaking through racial barriers in a tumultuous time in South Carolina’s history. Jenkins-Lewis, 58, grew up hearing the stories about her grandfather’s father, Edmund Jenkins, an African-American veteran of the Civil War who was elected as Mount Pleasant’s first … [Read more...]

The Village of Volunteers: Standing Behind Local Children


Everyone's heard the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child, but not everyone has figured in how many different roles are essential to raising that child. Here in East Cooper, our own rapidly-growing version of a village, we've gathered some of the key organizations and individuals who work hard on behalf of children and their physical and mental well-being, which … [Read more...]

Bringing History to Life: Mount Pleasant Teacher Receives National Award

dressed up WWII soldier

The walls are adorned with military uniforms that haven’t been worn in decades or longer. Flags representing units that once served proudly in the Army or Marines hang from above. The shelves are littered with memorabilia from America’s past, some of it dating back to the Civil War – a grenade, ammunition, paper money, posters, shoes and lots of books and photographs. One wall … [Read more...]

Visions for MUSC: Dr. Patrick Cawley

Dr Cawley headshot by Jenn

Since arriving at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2003, Medical Center CEO Dr. Patrick Cawley has seen the opening of Ashley River Tower in 2008. Now he’s directing the building of the new Children’s Hospital, which is scheduled to open in 2019. “A lot of hospital leaders often never get the opportunity to build a new hospital, but to be able to build two new … [Read more...]