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Pop Art and Progress: Shepard Fairey in the Lowcountry


A progressive art movement is gaining traction here in the Lowcountry, around the country and even hundreds of miles above the Earth aboard the International Space Station.   Elizabeth Willingham, a senior Studio Arts major at the College of Charleston and an intern at the school’s Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, said she has noticed … [Read more...]

Homes Away From Home: Local Families Host Tennis Pros


  When I got on the phone to chat with international tennis professional Melanie Oudin, I was not the least bit surprised to learn that just minutes before my phone call, she'd been practicing her swing. Oudin, one of the many tennis players who grace Daniel Island during the Family Circle Cup, scheduled this year for March 29 through April … [Read more...]

A Bridge to History: Arthur Ravenel Jr.


Today his shoulders are a little stooped and his once dark hair is gray, but that famous smile still radiates from the face of Arthur Ravenel. It’s a contagious grin that immediately transfers to those around him, a trait he once laughingly referred to as his “politician’s smile.” He still spins yarns with homegrown charm. Mention … [Read more...]

Brushstrokes of Genius – SEWE Artists in East Cooper


I was pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to meet with local artist Vicki Robinson inside her home at Remley's Point. It's not every day that I'm invited into the private studio of a gifted painter, where bowls of eggshells wait on countertops to be hand painted and brushes, both large and small, catch sunlight through windows in the artist's … [Read more...]

Turning the Page

Linda Page, Mayor of Mount Pleasant, SC

We asked Cheryll Woods-Flowers, who was mayor of Mount Pleasant from 1992 until 2000, to interview our new mayor shortly after she took office. Linda Page, who was elected in November 2013, is the owner of Page’s Thieves Market on Ben Sawyer Boulevard. She is enthusiastic about her new venture with the town of Mount Pleasant. Read on for a … [Read more...]

In Tune With Mount Pleasant Living – Ben & Elizabeth Bridwell


    A few years back, Elizabeth McCann, a native of Minneapolis, got her Band of Horses poster signed by the lead singer at a concert venue known as 7th Street Entry. Today, she and her husband Ben Bridwell live with their two daughters, Annabelle and Ivy, in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Elizabeth had never been to South … [Read more...]

A Wonderful View of Life – At Home in The Old Village With Jim and Ann Edwards


    If you live in Mount Pleasant, you’ve come across the Edwards name: James B. Edwards Elementary School and Ann Edwards Lane. Travel to downtown Charleston, and, on the campus of the Medical University of South Carolina, you might encounter the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine.   In the Old Village of … [Read more...]

Bound for Greatness – Mount Pleasant’s Youngsters


The late, great Whitney Houston opened her beautiful song, “Greatest Love of All,” with the prescient words, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” She certainly was right. Humanity depends on those who will someday lead us, which is why we cherish and encourage them. It appears likely that at … [Read more...]

Her Story – Mount Pleasant Author Pens New Book


Some writers are fortunate in the fact that they recognize a great story while it is still taking place. Thus they are able to procure all the moments, conversations and other portions of life that will help formulate their masterpiece. It's also no surprise that when it comes to family stories, the origins often take place in a kitchen, where food … [Read more...]

Eat, Drink, and Sing this Holiday Season – Eddie Bush Keeps Mount Pleasant Rockin’

eddie bush

When I met local rock star Eddie Bush at Coleman Public House for lunch, I was famished and ready to order an appetizer, stat. But pretty soon, our conversation was so interesting, I forgot all about my screaming stomach. There was simply too much to discuss - from Bush's popular album, "Holiday Harmonies," which was released in 2011 and found a … [Read more...]