Kevin McNamara Paints Shem Creek: Art Imitating Life

Kevin McNamara paints

Residents of Mount Pleasant may have recently noticed something other than the typical seagull or pelican camping out on the bridge that overlooks Shem Creek. For six weeks, Irish artist Kevin McNamara has created his very own studio space on the platform, making sure to catch and capture many a sunset. Armed with brushes, paint, weather appropriate attire and plenty of water, … [Read more...]

SEWE Hosts Amanda McLenon: The Origin of Artistic Journey

Amanda McLenon painting

In the South, we cherish the natural world. From the flawless stature of a coon hound to the tranquil image of an ivory egret midflight, we savor the sights that can be found throughout the Lowcountry. The 2017 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is once again set to display the very best in outdoor living, art and zoology on Feb. 17, 18 and 19. For Daniel Island artist Amanda … [Read more...]

LowCountry Feminists: Motivated to Take a Stand

LowCountry Feminists: Motivated to Take a Stand

Marina Penna woke up the day after the presidential election last November and realized that she needed to do something. Like many women voters who viewed the negative rhetoric during the campaign as unsettling, coming to grips with the election results was challenging. The youth leader at the Unitarian Church of Charleston said, "I woke up that morning, had a cry, composed … [Read more...]

Making a Difference: New School Board Chair Focuses on Student Achievement

Children in a classroom

Kate Darby wants to give every student in the Charleston County School District the opportunity to excel in the classroom and succeed in life. She would like the nine members of the CCSD School Board to work as a team, to row in the same direction in an effort to prepare the more than 50,000 kids in the system to thrive in the ever-changing world of the 21st century. Most of … [Read more...]

POP! Goes the Question Marriage Proposal Stories

Message from the Mount Pleasant Magazine Editors in celebration of Valentine's Day

I proposed to my wife, Allison, at the end of a sailboat race on Charleston Harbor. Since I was in my teens, I’d always wanted to propose this way. The biggest obstacle was finding a sail to get the message on; I don’t own a boat. However, I do crew for people, and the owner of “The Level Pelican” happened to have a sail that had been destroyed in a windy race. I asked him … [Read more...]

“Let Me Tell You a Story” – A Conversation With Monsignor James A. Carter

Monsignor James A. Carter, Christ Our King Catholic Church

The walls of Monsignor Carter’s office are lined in bookcases stretching from the floor to the ceiling, but they are slowly starting to empty out. It’s easier to see what odds and ends remain on the shelves: a vial of water from Lourdes, France; a few paperback volumes of “the Greatest Catholic Parishes” (containing Christ Our King, naturally); and photographs of various … [Read more...]

Santa the Sandbird: Off Duty in East Cooper

Santa the Snowbird

What’s happened in your life over the past five years? Quite a lot, I’d venture. Well, same here. Five years ago, one of the intrepid reporters for this very publication tracked me down at home at the North Pole. Normally, I would have ducked him and directed my PR elf, Manny, to call him back or just issue a press release. I get enough publicity every December when I zip … [Read more...]

A Lasting Impression: Pat Waters Remembers His Famous Grandfather

General George S. Patton painting by Boleslaw Czedekowski hangs in Mt Pleasant home of his grandson

In real life, actor George C. Scott looks nothing like the colorful and controversial World War II general he portrayed in “Patton,” the award-winning 1970 movie. One Mount Pleasant resident does exhibit a marked resemblance to the iconic Army officer, however, and for good reason. George Patton “Pat” Waters is the grandson of Gen. George S. Patton Jr. And Waters, though he … [Read more...]

Chance Encounter in the Wilderness

Sarah Carmical hunting

How many times had I been here? How many times had I stared out through the branches under the stars? Sitting in the tree stand, I checked my phone: 9:47. How much longer would I wait for that phantom, that big boar I had hunted for seemingly months on end? Luckily, I stumbled across the landowner while out riding my horse a while back. “You see what those hogs have done … [Read more...]

The Family Feud: Clemson Versus Carolina in Mount Pleasant

The Family Fued in Mount Pleasant over Clemson & Carolina

Having different opinions, viewpoints and preferences than your significant other can make life interesting. He likes Italian cuisine, you prefer Thai. He wants to see the latest action-packed blockbuster at the Cineplex and you long to see a documentary that took home accolades at Sundance. These are things you can work around. But what happens when you differ about something … [Read more...]