Long Live Print! :The Moultrie News Celebrates 50 Years

CDiggle - late 60s

      Just about everyone who moves “from off” to the communities East of the Cooper has encountered a pleasant surprise. Once each week, a newspaper chock-full of local news, information, opinion and entertainment arrives on their doorstep – for free. This has been going on in Mount Pleasant, the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island and Daniel Island … [Read more...]

Influential Icons of East Cooper, Part 1


Florence O’Sullivan In 1670, the British frigate Carolina brought the first settlers to Carolina. Among those on board was Capt. Florence, aka Florentia, O’Sullivan, an Irish soldier of fortune who brought 16 servants with him. As deputy to Sir Peter Colleton, one of the Lords Proprietors, he was granted 2,340 acres, which uncompassed most of current East Cooper. Despite the … [Read more...]

From Mount Pleasant to Mount Everest: A Profile of the Most Interesting Man East of the Cooper


During my time with Mount Pleasant Magazine, I’ve interviewed and crossed paths with many interesting East of the Cooper residents. I have been dragged down the Isle of Palms beach by a 20-foot kite while learning how to kite board. I drank  beers with some of the coolest oldtimers I’ve ever met at the Carolina Coast Surf Club. I even rode shotgun in a souped-up  golf cart as … [Read more...]

Fishing on the Fly: The Lowcountry’s Pioneer of Saltwater Fly-Fishing


If you’ve never heard of, thought seriously about or tried fly-fishing, it’s time to get into the sport and take a closer look at one of the fastest growing segments of the sport fishing industry. Slinging string is in. “In the early 1960s, I decided to bring fly-fishing to the Lowcountry because I thought the idea was a good one,” said William Sanderson Stuhr, CEO and … [Read more...]