The Inauguration of Donald Trump: Is Everything Going to be All Right?

The Inauguration of Donald Trump, Is Everything going to be all Right?

My first experience at our nation’s capital was as an eighth grader at Moultrie Middle School. We chartered a few buses with students, teachers and parent/ chaperones to spend a few days visiting all the historical attractions. Although I have been back to D.C. many times since, I had not reflected on that first trip until I was leaving Washington after a weekend centered on … [Read more...]

Making a Difference: New School Board Chair Focuses on Student Achievement

Children in a classroom

Kate Darby wants to give every student in the Charleston County School District the opportunity to excel in the classroom and succeed in life. She would like the nine members of the CCSD School Board to work as a team, to row in the same direction in an effort to prepare the more than 50,000 kids in the system to thrive in the ever-changing world of the 21st century. Most of … [Read more...]

Spiritual Growth: Church Planting in East Cooper and Beyond

Church Planting

Have you ever wondered how a church comes into being – not necessarily the building that houses the church but the congregation, leaders and mission that come together to create a spiritual journey for all involved? If you engage in regular worship at a local church, there’s a good chance your own church was “planted” by another. This phenomenon, known appropriately as “church … [Read more...]

A Living Legacy: Museum Will Honor Nation’s Heroes

Future Museum will honor our nation's heroes

Wounded three times, unable to walk and facing an overwhelming enemy force, Capt. James E. Livingston carried on the fight, leading Marines from three different companies in a brutal battle that helped turn the tide of the Vietnam War. Two years later, he was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest accolade possible for a member of the American armed services. A retired … [Read more...]

The Future Looks Rosy: Surviving Breast Cancer

Surviving Breast Cancer

There is no easy way to get the news. Breast cancer. It sucks the breath from your body. Your world stops turning as you try to comprehend the words your doctor is saying. What now? Breast cancer is not just one disease. There are many variations multiplied by the individuality of each woman’s (or man’s) body. Medical science has made great strides in treating breast cancer, … [Read more...]

Creating A Ripple Effect: Charleston Waterkeeper


Water. It makes up around 70 percent of our body. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses a day. And for folks in the Lowcountry, it acts as a source of constant entertainment. Whether taking the kayak out for a spin around Carolina tributaries or jumping in the Atlantic while visiting Sullivan’s, our waterways take on the role of refuge, friend and undeniable … [Read more...]

Shrimping on Shem Creek: Sailing into the Sunrise


It’s another steamy, sultry Saturday morning along the Carolina coast. The blazing June sun has not yet shown its glowing face above the horizon, but Captain Wayne Magwood has already been on the water for a few hours, preparing to repeat a ritual that has ruled his life for nearly 60 years. Before long, he and his crew of two will guide his 68-foot boat, “The Winds of … [Read more...]

Moving Forward: Something is About to Happen on Highway 41

Sen. Larry Grooms and Councilman Paul Gawrych.

Sometime in the year 2021, construction is expected to be completed on all or part of Highway 41 between Highway 17 and the Wando River, alleviating a traffic issue that is almost certain to worsen long before it gets better in the next five years. Questions remain, however, as to how extensive the work will be, with options ranging from adding two lanes on just a part of … [Read more...]

Station 6 Fire Department: Serving the Needs of a Growing North Mount Pleasant

station six

  Population in North Mount Pleasant is quickly and steadily rising, as the beauty and culture of the area lures people to East Cooper. Among the many reasons this town is loved – aside from its rich history, friendly people and cuisine – is the genuine care and hospitality among residents. Growth and change are welcomed and embraced, but are we, as a community, fully … [Read more...]

East Cooper Magazine, the Predecessor of Mount Pleasant Magazine, published this article on the growth of Mount Pleasant in May of 1991.


The Impact of Growth By Jane Laureu circa May/June 1991, East Cooper Magazine Changes are coming to the East Cooper area at a breathtaking rate and those changes could adversely affect the environment and our quality of life – the very things that bring so many people here. Some of the changes are painfully evident; other greater ones are on the drawing boards, but … [Read more...]