Making Waves in Education: Oceanside Collegiate Academy


Imagine graduating from high school with two years of college credit already completed. Imagine doing that and still having time as a high school student to focus on a passion such as sports, music, arts or a job shadow. Scholarship opportunities could blossom. Once in college, there could be time for collegiate athletics or arts programs or an internship. A four-year college … [Read more...]

Moving Forward: Something is About to Happen on Highway 41

Sen. Larry Grooms and Councilman Paul Gawrych.

Sometime in the year 2021, construction is expected to be completed on all or part of Highway 41 between Highway 17 and the Wando River, alleviating a traffic issue that is almost certain to worsen long before it gets better in the next five years. Questions remain, however, as to how extensive the work will be, with options ranging from adding two lanes on just a part of … [Read more...]

Station 6 Fire Department: Serving the Needs of a Growing North Mount Pleasant

station six

  Population in North Mount Pleasant is quickly and steadily rising, as the beauty and culture of the area lures people to East Cooper. Among the many reasons this town is loved – aside from its rich history, friendly people and cuisine – is the genuine care and hospitality among residents. Growth and change are welcomed and embraced, but are we, as a community, fully … [Read more...]

East Cooper Magazine, the Predecessor of Mount Pleasant Magazine, published this article on the growth of Mount Pleasant in May of 1991.


The Impact of Growth By Jane Laureu circa May/June 1991, East Cooper Magazine Changes are coming to the East Cooper area at a breathtaking rate and those changes could adversely affect the environment and our quality of life – the very things that bring so many people here. Some of the changes are painfully evident; other greater ones are on the drawing boards, but … [Read more...]

Warm Regards: The Hibben Cold Weather Shelter Finishes Another Busy Year


Just three short years ago, the wintry weather of the Lowcountry inspired a group of Hibben United Methodist Church members to reach out to the community in a big way. A congregation member known as “Beth” was able to stay at the church during an ice storm and proposed a new idea: What if Hibben UMC regularly offered four walls and a roof to those who needed it? Thus was Mount … [Read more...]

Four New Faces – A Look at Mount Pleasant’s Incoming Councilmen


Bob Brimmer Until 2015, Bob Brimmer showed little interest in the political arena, choosing instead to get involved in his adopted hometown by donating his time and talent in a variety of appointed positions. His decision to place his name on the crowded Council ballot was based on his belief that he could do more to make Mount Pleasant a better place to live, work and … [Read more...]

Groceries and Good Causes – Your Local Publix Supermarket

publix smiling guy

Ask a few locals who shop at any of the three Publix supermarkets East of the Cooper what’s the best thing about that experience, and you’ll likely get as many answers as there are people in that group. Is it the produce? The bakery? The meats and poultry? The cheerful, helpful staff? While every shopper may have a favorite aspect of Publix, all would probably agree about … [Read more...]

Bringing History to Life: Mount Pleasant Teacher Receives National Award

dressed up WWII soldier

The walls are adorned with military uniforms that haven’t been worn in decades or longer. Flags representing units that once served proudly in the Army or Marines hang from above. The shelves are littered with memorabilia from America’s past, some of it dating back to the Civil War – a grenade, ammunition, paper money, posters, shoes and lots of books and photographs. One wall … [Read more...]

Mac Burdette – A Career of Caring

Mac Burdette sidebar pic courtesy of Pats Pt

No one understands Mount Pleasant’s growing pains better than former town administrator, Mac Burdette. Burdette arrived in Mount Pleasant in 1986, the third person to assume this position in five years. For the next twenty-five years, he was involved in the day-to-day operation of Mount Pleasant. The population, 23,000 when he got here, had triped by the time he … [Read more...]