Mac Burdette – A Career of Caring

Mac Burdette sidebar pic courtesy of Pats Pt

No one understands Mount Pleasant’s growing pains better than former town administrator, Mac Burdette. Burdette arrived in Mount Pleasant in 1986, the third person to assume this position in five years. For the next twenty-five years, he was involved in the day-to-day operation of Mount Pleasant. The population, 23,000 when he got here, had triped by the time he … [Read more...]

Councilman Mark Smith is making a difference.


Smith was elected to his first term in office – taking his initial dip into the political pool – in 2013, and has been hard at work ever since. “I average 20 to 25 hours a week between Council and the water commission,” said Smith. He explained that one of the first things he learned on the job is that there is a lot of work involved for what’s technically a part-time … [Read more...]

Mayor, May I? Ask the Council


Mount Pleasant’s elections are just around the corner, so we thought now would be a perfect time for a refresher course on how the town government operates and how important the four seats that are up for election in November are (spoiler alert: they’re very important). If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that the town elected Mayor Linda Page two years ago, and, … [Read more...]

Creating a Buzz: Honey Bee Advocacy in East Cooper

Charleston Community Bee Center (4 of 16)

Think about the last meal you prepared and how tasty it was. Thanks to the “locavore” movement sweeping the nation, you might feel gratitude to local farmers for such a spread – but what about the humble honey bee? Despite their misunderstood reputation, honey bees are a critical part of the food cycle, and they're not going to sting you out of pure malice, either. In fact, … [Read more...]