Warriors of Waste: Mount Pleasant’s Sanitation Workers


In communities great and small throughout this land, hosts of individuals and groups, both in the public and private sectors, labor tirelessly day in and day out to make our cities, towns, villages and hamlets work. These unsung heroes handle responsibilities we either cannot or choose not to handle for ourselves. In many instances, the men and women who perform these important … [Read more...]

Escaping Destruction: Surviving Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo aerial view, 1989

It’s been a quarter of a century since Hurricane Hugo pounded the Carolina coast, destroying everything unlucky enough to be in its path and forever etching memories good and bad in the minds of those who experienced its wrath and aftermath. Virtually everyone who was in the Lowcountry at the time and even some who weren’t can recall where they were and what they were doing … [Read more...]

Femme Fighting: Life on the Roller Derby Team

Berlin GGGRG

By Courtney O’Leary • aka Grace Smelly • #08 Taking a deep breath, I force myself to close my eyes and contain and control the growing nerves in the pit of my stomach. My palms are sweating and I swear my hands are trembling. I don’t get nervous often, but, right now, my entire body is humming with energy. My life as a stay-at-home mom in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village is a … [Read more...]

How Does Your Garden Grow?: With a Team of East Cooper Residents

Nice sign Chris painted for us

  Life as a magazine writer and editor sometimes means imagining things in their prime that are still a little ways off. Take, for example, the day I visited the community garden at I'On on a January afternoon. It wasn't difficult to envision the mounds of dirt erupting for fresh vegetables and colorful flowers to burst forth, but for that particular day I had to use my … [Read more...]

A Ride to Remember

Sally Walker, a professional dog walker and real estate agent, basks in the open, friendly golf cart culture.

I cornered my black Toyota sedan into the scenic I’On community one Saturday afternoon in June. Among the precariously-parked Range Rovers and Mercedes’ driven by distracted moms, I noticed the golf carts. They were everywhere. After nearly getting lost, I eventually pulled behind what is known around the neighborhood as “the Rolls Royce of golf carts.” It’s actually a golf … [Read more...]