Life is But a Dream – The Charleston Rowing Club


The Charleston Rowing Club is a product of humble beginnings. Launched by Rando Blyth in 1987, none of the organization’s “five or six guys” even owned a racing scull until after Hurricane Hugo blew through the Lowcountry in 1989. They found a boat that the violent storm had tossed from who knows where. No one claimed the vessel, so, by default, it became the property of the … [Read more...]

We’re Getting Crafty –  The Beer Boom in Mount Pleasant 


The guys at Ghost Monkey and Two Blokes breweries looked all over the Charleston area for a place to set up shop, but, in the end, they both settled on Mount Pleasant. “It’s got the perfect demographics for craft beer,” said Jim Leonard, one of two brewers for Ghost Monkey. Like Ghost Monkey, Matt Symons and Sean Geddis of Two Blokes looked at Mount Pleasant and saw an … [Read more...]

Have a Holly, Jolly, High-Tech Christmas: What to Get the Kids


When it comes to those lengthy holiday shopping lists, your child is hoping for an iPhone 6S. And the newest iPad. And an Xbox. But you probably already knew that. So here are some other great holiday gift ideas for the young tech buff in your life. This year, trending toys for kids of all ages include STEM products. These are designed to encourage an interest in all phases … [Read more...]

Creating a Buzz: Honey Bee Advocacy in East Cooper

Charleston Community Bee Center (4 of 16)

Think about the last meal you prepared and how tasty it was. Thanks to the “locavore” movement sweeping the nation, you might feel gratitude to local farmers for such a spread – but what about the humble honey bee? Despite their misunderstood reputation, honey bees are a critical part of the food cycle, and they're not going to sting you out of pure malice, either. In fact, … [Read more...]

Homeward Bound: Journey’s Story


Editor's Note: Journey is a 6-month-old Australian shepherd puppy who was adopted by Mount Pleasant Magazine writer Cullen Murray-Kemp and his girlfriend in March and moved from the Upstate the Lowcountry. This is Journey’s story, in his own words. One night my three brothers and I were minding our puppy business when an inviting scent wafted within striking distance of our … [Read more...]

Our Lowcountry Skyline, Ten Years Later: The Ravenel Bridge

Cooper River Bridge old and new

Pictured: The Ravenel Bridge, along with the Grace Memorial and Silas N. Pearman before their destruction. Photo by Vince Streano. Story and Research by Pamela Gabriel. When the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge opened to traffic on July 16, 2005, it followed a weeklong celebration that rivaled the three days of festivities when the first Cooper River Bridge opened in 1929. … [Read more...]

The Muse is in Mount Pleasant: Local Artists Have a Labor of Love

Kait Waggoner makes her art out of wood, which she collects from local wood yards.

Our beloved Lowcountry has a reputation of being an artistic city, brimming with poets, painters, writers, actors and other gifted individuals who are not only able to create a thing of beauty but spread the word and share the love with other artists. Here in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding islands, we've been bitten by the muse as well. I had the luxury of talking to just a … [Read more...]

Bird’s the Word: Chickens in Mount Pleasant

chicken 6

Many residents of Old Mount Pleasant are experiencing a movement of sorts. That movement is strutting around their backyards, pecking at the ground and delivering a vehement squawk or windy flap every now and again. Yes, I am speaking about chickens, living as closely as beyond your neighbor's fence if not in your own yard. These inner city hens actually are doing a world of … [Read more...]

Living Out of Doors: Lowcountry Life at its Best


The Lowcountry’s balmy, breeze-filled days give us the opportunity and the impetus to take full advantage of the steady stream of coastal sunshine. While folks in the Northeast are shoveling fluffy powder, we can be found on our patios, grilling kabobs and sipping margaritas. Several companies throughout Mount Pleasant are crafting outdoor spaces so divine, you’ll be tempted … [Read more...]