Equipping Our Heroes Foundation – Dennis Walczuk

Walcyzuk, the owner and operator of Exclusively Bimmers

Dennis Walczuk recognized the need to financially support some of America’s greatest heroes after a June 2007 fire at the Sofa Super Store in West Ashley claimed the lives of nine Charleston firefighters. Walczuk, the owner and operator of Exclusively Bimmers on U.S. Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant, described the nation’s firefighters as “truly great unsung heroes” who … [Read more...]

Housing Industry Rebounding East of the Cooper

Bridge into Mount Pleasant, Arthur Ravenel Bridge

ON THE COMEBACK TRAIL: Housing Industry Rebounding East of the Cooper The Cooper River forms one boundary of the Charleston peninsula, separating the historic downtown section of the city from its neighbors to the east. The area known as East Cooper, especially Mount Pleasant and Daniel Island, was a hotbed of residential construction before the housing industry came … [Read more...]

Winning Designs: The Art of the Bridge Run


The 2013 cooper River Bridge Run was destined from the beginning to be a success. Every year the event raises tens of thousands of dollars for local and national charities, all the while helping to plant smiles on the faces of participants and supporters alike. Every great event needs a kickoff party: The Bridge Run’s was held recently at historic Alhambra Hall in … [Read more...]

Lighting Up the Harbor: With Mount Pleasant Boat Enthusiasts


Lights are the key to a winning entry in the annual Holiday Parade of Boats, according to Art Clark and Dick Howells, Mount Pleasant residents and members of the Charleston Sail and Power Squadron, which works closely with the city of Charleston to produce the holiday event. “The winner last year – you couldn’t see the boat for all of the lights,” Howells said. Part of … [Read more...]

Oyster Fever: There’s a Simple Cure in the Lowcountry


We suck ’em, shoot ’em, slurp ’em and savor every last second of their salty, sweet flavor before they slip down our throats. Oysters, a popular seafood snack for centuries, unfortunately have flirted with near-extinction wrought by disease and overharvesting. In fact, according to the most recent study by the Nature Conservancy, shellfish have been struggling to survive … [Read more...]

To Your Health: Mount Pleasant’s Growing Medical Community


Mount Pleasant is growing, and its burgeoning population demands an increase in medical facilities. Several companies are filling that important need. Adams Development Co. LLC specializes in medical office development; one of its projects, near the intersection of U.S. Highway 17 and State Highway 41, was 100-percent occupied before construction was completed. Coastal … [Read more...]

A Mount Pleasant Christmas: Annual Parade Draws Thousands


Traditions are a part of what make the holiday season special. Perhaps you rise before the sun in search of shopping deals the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe you make the trek to cut down your own, live Christmas tree and fashion wreathes from the clippings. You might attend midnight church services each Dec. 24. A Mount Pleasant tradition beckons thousands of locals … [Read more...]

Drinking beer, Mount Pleasant, SC

Glass Container/Bottle, Bottles store

After a hard day as managing editor, nothing unwinds me like a cold glass of beer. There’s something about that first sip, the act of wiping foam from the edges of your mouth, that makes you realize that life is not the dire situation you thought it was hours ago while sitting at your desk. I must confess that the benevolent power of beer cannot be found with typical … [Read more...]

Gourmet Cuisine prepared by Charleston, SC Personal Chefs – in your home

Pete Twomey, personal chef, Charleston SC

When you go out for an exceptional dinner in the Lowcountry, you aren’t likely to order the same ol’ dishes you make at home each evening. The purpose of having someone else do the cooking is experiencing exceptional flavor and out of the ordinary service. These days, you don’t even need to go out to a restaurant – you can stay home and enjoy all the incredible attributes of … [Read more...]