Searching For That Perfect Wave: The Eastern Surfing Association

Olivia Dilling

We’ve all seen them. Their bare feet leave prints in the moist sand – a grayish beige map to adventure and adrenaline. Sometimes wetsuit-clad and always determined, they paddle out, braving the rough thrash of the sea for that ultimate dance with the elements. Can you blame them? After all, the good days are the ones that leave us sun-kissed and sandy. Just ask Marshall … [Read more...]

That’s Our Jam: Local Music Fest Visits Mount Pleasant

Leftover Salmon

  Over the weekend Mount Pleasant had its very own Coachella moment. Despite mud and forecasts of rain, indie-rockers, bluegrassers, hoopers, graffiti artists and a slew of vendors descended upon The Grove at Patriots Point— for one collective dream. That dream was none other than Spring Jam Music Fest. Now in its third year, this eclectic event put on by the Gusto … [Read more...]

What’s That Racket? Tennis Pros Live and Train in East Cooper

Fam Cup Pic

Parents often dream of signing little Jane or Johnny up for a sport and having professional players meet their tyke in person – not to mention offer advice, become a role model and foster dreams of getting there one day, too. Now that MW Tennis has found a home at the Family Circle Cup Tennis Center on Daniel Island, that dream is becoming a reality for many families. Led by … [Read more...]

If You’re Feeling Inspired, Try ARTspiration


Like many mothers, Heather Ackermann spent last summer searching for an activity her children would enjoy. But when her family finally found a hobby at an area business – painting pottery – the shop closed and Ackermann’s search started again.   “As soon as the word was out they were closing, I asked my kids, ‘Do you want to find something different to do as a hobby?’ … [Read more...]

All the World’s a Stage: The Mount Pleasant Writers Workshop


When it comes to artists, the birth of something exciting often leads to a kind of community which fosters even greater art. Here in our town of Mount Pleasant, that very thing is happening thanks to the efforts of the Culture Arts and Pride (or “CAP”) Commission and a few individuals who have blended their creative resources to help Lowcountry writers find a home for their … [Read more...]