Homeward Bound: Journey’s Story


Editor's Note: Journey is a 6-month-old Australian shepherd puppy who was adopted by Mount Pleasant Magazine writer Cullen Murray-Kemp and his girlfriend in March and moved from the Upstate the Lowcountry. This is Journey’s story, in his own words. One night my three brothers and I were minding our puppy business when an inviting scent wafted within striking distance of our … [Read more...]

The Dog Days of Summer: How Caitlyn Stole Mount Pleasant’s (and the World’s) Heart

Caitlyn (2 of 2)

Snoopy. Odie. Scoobie. Marmaduke. Benji. Lassie. And now Caitlyn. What do these pooches have in common? They're household names for various reasons. Just weeks ago, Caitlyn was another dog in an abusive situation after her owner at the time wound electrical tape tightly around her muzzle, cutting off the flow of blood to her tongue and making eating and drinking impossible. … [Read more...]

Bird’s the Word: Chickens in Mount Pleasant

chicken 6

Many residents of Old Mount Pleasant are experiencing a movement of sorts. That movement is strutting around their backyards, pecking at the ground and delivering a vehement squawk or windy flap every now and again. Yes, I am speaking about chickens, living as closely as beyond your neighbor's fence if not in your own yard. These inner city hens actually are doing a world of … [Read more...]

Pets and Their People

Pets and Their People

Pets come in many sizes, shapes, breeds and personalities, something that can be said for their owners as well. People choose pets for many reasons, but sometimes pets choose their people. Regardless, the bond shared between a pet and its owner develops over time and rarely is broken. Paige Pollock, Realtor - Carolina One Real Estate: Pollock has spent a lifetime with … [Read more...]

Practicing Family Pet Medicine: Advanced Animal Care

Dr. Steele with dog

D r. LesLie steeLe, who owns Advanced Animal Care with her husband, Dr. David Steele, also a veterinarian, practices what they lovingly refer to as “family pet medicine.” Both their professional lives and their personal lives revolve around their desire to help family pets. “Our patients reach beyond Mount Pleasant. They come from other nearby locations such as Daniel … [Read more...]

Your Furry Family Member’s Doctor: Cara Daniel of Tidewater Veterinary

Dr. Cara Daniel takes a comprehensive approach to keeping animals healthy.

There’s no doubt Mount Pleasant is a pet-friendly town. Just look around on any beautiful day – or even a rainy day – and you’ll see residents walking their dogs and brushing their cats. Dr. Cara Daniel, of the newly opened Tidewater Veterinary, understands that pets are part of the family and deserve the best care possible. After a stint working with other veterinarians, … [Read more...]