Laing Is Stem Savvy

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Working with 3D printers and digital cutters in a fabrication lab might sound a little intimidating, but, for the students at Laing Middle School, it's a part of their day-to-day curriculum. Laing recently was ranked among the top 10 STEM Education schools in America – and the top three STEM Education middle schools in the country as well. So what does STEM mean? It stands … [Read more...]

Shaping Hearts and Character: Palmetto Christian Academy

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For 25 years, Palmetto Christian Academy has built a program that produces young people who are engaged and contributing. Christian service, distinctive academics and excellence in fine arts and athletics are hallmarks of this private school. The 2016-2017 school year ushers in an exciting era for PCA, including a 25th anniversary celebration, new leadership and a campus … [Read more...]

Making Waves in Education: Oceanside Collegiate Academy


Imagine graduating from high school with two years of college credit already completed. Imagine doing that and still having time as a high school student to focus on a passion such as sports, music, arts or a job shadow. Scholarship opportunities could blossom. Once in college, there could be time for collegiate athletics or arts programs or an internship. A four-year college … [Read more...]

The Best is Yet to Come: Palmetto Christian Academy

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Since 1992, Palmetto Christian Academy has been shaping the lives of students through Christ-centered learning. What started with a few families trying to establish an ideal education for their children has blossomed into a school that is consistently voted “the best” in Mount Pleasant. One man who has played a vital role in PCA’s success is Dr. John Graham. As a parent … [Read more...]

A New Approach: The College of Charleston’s School of Professional Studies

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Since its founding in 1770, the College of Charleston has earned a stellar reputation as one of the top liberal arts universities in the nation. Most people associate the institution of higher learning with images of 20-somethings and downtown Charleston, but the School of Professional Studies at the North Campus is living proof that the College of Charleston community … [Read more...]

In Perfect Harmony: Wando’s Award-winning Band


In his first year at the helm of the Wando High School band, Bobby Lambert has done his best to make his own kind of music without changing the direction of the school’s award-winning band program. Lambert arrived at Wando in July 2014, replacing Scott Rush, who held the position for 15 years before moving on to another district. The school’s marching band was already on the … [Read more...]

Creating a Buzz: Honey Bee Advocacy in East Cooper

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Think about the last meal you prepared and how tasty it was. Thanks to the “locavore” movement sweeping the nation, you might feel gratitude to local farmers for such a spread – but what about the humble honey bee? Despite their misunderstood reputation, honey bees are a critical part of the food cycle, and they're not going to sting you out of pure malice, either. In fact, … [Read more...]

Not Only to Succeed but to Thrive

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Photo courtesy of Palmetto Christian Academy. Walking into Palmetto Christian Academy, located on Egypt Road in Mount Pleasant, I’m immediately struck by the strong sense of joy that flourishes through the halls. Smiling children walk single file down the corridor to break for recess. A modern-day pop song can be heard coming from the gymnasium, and, when I go in for a … [Read more...]

A Little Song and Dance: The Musical Theater Center

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Once upon a time, three creative ladies met one another through various circumstances. All were trained in the arts of music, theater and dance, and all shared the vision to make the world a better place through performance. Eventually, The Musical Theater Center was born from this passion, and there was much rejoicing. The venture between owner Allyson Lewis and artistic … [Read more...]

Look Before You Leap: The Think First Program

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The odds are that most people couldn’t tell you the leading cause of death among children 1 and older. It’s not disease or disaster or parental neglect. And even though traumatic injury to the brain or spinal cord doesn’t always kill outright, it often leaves its victims with serious complications that can last a lifetime. That’s why the international ThinkFirst Program, … [Read more...]