Cooper River Bridge Run Trivia Questions

In what month and year did the bridge run begin?

March 1978



Who was the overall winner of the inaugural race?

Benji Durden of Atlanta won in 30:22. Durden later made the 1980 U.S. Olympic marathon team.



The race registration fee for 2012 is $30. What was the original fee?

$3 and it included a T-shirt.



The first race was on a Sunday. The second race and all subsequent races have been on a Saturday. Why?

Churches complained about closed streets and traffic, which caused problems for Sunday morning services.



The current race ends at Charleston’s Meeting and King Streets. What were some other ending points over the years?

College of Charleston; the Federal Building near Marion Square; the corner of Meeting and Calhoun; Alexander and East Bay Streets near Calhoun Park.



When was the Bridge Run Hall of Fame established?

2002. Inductees include people who have made significant contributions to the run, either by running or by service.


When did Bill Murray play a significant role in the race?

Murray served as the starter of the race in 1997. He also ran in the race and signed autographs.



When did Oprah Winfrey first run the race and how did she initially go undetected?

Oprah ran the 17th race in 1994. She registered under a different name.



In what year was prize money first awarded?

1984 – the 7th race


State Sen. Dewey Wise came to the race’s rescue more than once. To whom is the annual Dewey Wise trophy awarded?

To the oldest runner who runs a time faster than their age.



One year, a female runner received scorch marks on her leg at the start of the race. How?

The starting cannon was fired toward the runners.


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