Snow in 1989 – Remembering the Fun

Back in 1989, Mount Pleasant was a different place in terms of population, businesses and real estate – but one thing was just about the same: the community of people who like to have a good time. And a good time was had by all during the great snow of 1989, which, right on the heels of Hurricane Hugo in September, finished that year off with a bang and a White Christmas for area residents.

Publisher of Mount Pleasant Magazine and Mount Pleasant Home, Bill Macchio, printed a special edition of a magazine called White Christmas 1989 and distributed it all along the Carolinas. It contained not just photos and stories from the East Cooper point of view but other areas of the eastern seaboard. In the spirit of the Winter weather that has hit the East Cooper region (and most of the South) this week, we are sharing a few of our favorite photos with you. Enjoy them, and stay warm until the next front moves in. Thanks for reading Mount Pleasant Magazine and Mount Pleasant Home.


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  1. Jane Hutchinson says

    I’m a West Virgina girl who loves Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area. Now have a son who has moved to the area so I can visit more often! I’ve started receiving your Facebook postings somehow and am always so happy to read. Thanks for these beautiful pictures and keep up the good work!!

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