Homeward Bound: Journey’s Story


Editor’s Note: Journey is a 6-month-old Australian shepherd puppy who was adopted by Mount Pleasant Magazine writer Cullen Murray-Kemp and his girlfriend in March and moved from the Upstate the Lowcountry. This is Journey’s story, in his own words.

One night my three brothers and I were minding our puppy business when an inviting scent wafted within striking distance of our astute nostrils. As I perked up my head, the scent began to grow stronger and even more appealing. Suddenly the garage door opened and a strange man and woman maneuvered their way inside. They were smiling and opened their arms as if to summon my brothers and I. At first I was hesitant because my instincts told me I should always be wary around strangers, but my curiosity overwhelmed my caution, and I followed my brothers to the strange yet aromatically-alluring couple.

The guy fascinated me. As soon as I squirmed into his lap, I knew that my love could fill any void he was feeling. When my brothers tried to nudge me out of the way and break my bond with my new-found friend, I showed them my teeth. They got the picture and quickly backed away.

After cuddling and playing for a while, the guy scooped me up into his arms and walked me out of my old house. I could hear my mom yelping, and I felt really sad.

The guy and girl, who I would soon realize were my new parents, were as enthralled with me as I was with them. Once we left my old home, we sat in a moving and shaking box for a few hours, stopping to pee only a couple times before we reached our destination.

We arrived their home, and, although I trusted my new parents, I remember being frightened by the situation.

That night I slept cozily in mom and dad’s bed. They seemed to be upset when I peed on them, so I decided it would be best for all of us if I answered the call from nature by aiming toward the other end of the bed. Come to find out, not only am I not supposed to pee in their bed, but I’m also not even allowed to pee in their house. This seems a bit hypocritical though because both mom and dad pee in the house whenever they get the urge.

As the days rolled by, I began to get more comfortable at my new home. I learned how to “sit” and how to “paw.” I’ve also trained my parents to recognize when it’s time to feed me and take me on walks.

My favorite place is to visit is this wondrous place my parents call “the beach.” At the beach, there is water to swim in and this funny smelling dirt that I really enjoy rolling in. I also love the rumbling box my parents call “the car.” It’s a great place to catch up on my sleeps, and I don’t have to worry about anyone going anywhere without me. Mom and dad even gave me my own spot that they call “crate,” where I now sleep every night.

Every day when my parents get home, I am so thrilled that I jump into their arms and douse their faces with sloppy licks and sopping wet love. When I get excited like this, I wag my butt so fast that everyone started to call me “Butt Butt.” I prefer my real name, but I can live with Butt Butt for now – at least until I find a cute girl puppy to impress.

By Journey the Puppy

 Photos provided. 


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