BioSweep: There’s Still Nothing Else Like It

BioSweep Southeast
Left to right: Stephanie White, office manager; Justin Riccio, project manager; Mike Jager, president; Nate Upchurch, project manager; and Jonathan Hart, lead technician.

Seven years ago, Michael Jager, owner of BioSweep Southeast, was excited to introduce his franchise business to the Lowcountry. His enthusiasm for BioSweep has not waned.

“It is seven years later, and there is still nothing else like BioSweep,” said Jager. “The technology and our warranty have established a positive track record. We have not had a dissatisfied review, and we encourage our potential clients to look us up online on multiple websites and read our testimonials.”

BioSweep Southeast’s success stems from its one-of-a-kind services that include mold elimination, bacteria and surface germ removal, and odor removal. Property managers, realtors, car dealerships and individual home and automobile owners have called upon the trained staff at BioSweep Southeast to remove mold and unpleasant odors.

Odors from cigarette smoke, fires, cooking, formaldehyde and even the smell from an animal that has died in your home all can be treated by BioSweep.

“One treatment will remove all odors caused by organic materials,” Jager explained. “Our 100-percent guarantee assures our customers that the BioSweep process will be successful.”

BioSweep Southeast does not use any harsh chemicals – unlike dangerous ozone generators, which leave nitrogen oxide as a byproduct of the treatment. With BioSweep’s environmentally safe odor removal process, areas that are treated can be safely re-entered within 45 minutes to an hour.

With some companies, the process of removing mold can take several weeks to complete and cost as much as $50,000.

“With BioSweep Southeast, we have changed the game. Our process generally takes two to three days at approximately one-fifth the cost other companies charge,” Jager said. “We also offer a transferable warranty, which is why so many realtors utilize our services. We are definitely the next evolution in mold removal.”

The science is a bit complex, but to explain it in simple terms, the unit produces hydrogen peroxide and purified oxygen in the treatment chamber. These oxyradicals attack contaminants on exposed surfaces. A home, business or vehicle does not need to be emptied of items because the process is safe for furniture, upholstery, electronics and clothing. The equipment utilized by BioSweep Southeast is at least 10 times more powerful than most commercial ozone generators.

“It is a green process, so it is not harmful. Once we are finished treating an area, we collect air samples for testing. If the process is successful, we will warranty the property for two years. This is what mold remediation companies are going to, and even the leading servicing companies in the area are hiring us to do the work for them,” Jager explained.

A further piece of BioSweep Southeast’s success deals with bacteria and surface germ removal. The local company has been called upon to sanitize universities, wrestling mats, day cares, schools, hospitals and even a bank to eliminate the MRSA virus.

With its central office in Ravenel, South Carolina, BioSweep Southeast serves the entire South Carolina coast, from Myrtle Beach to Savannah, Georgia, as well as the entire tri-county area. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call 843-375-6627.

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