The Leader of the Pack, East Cooper Animal Hospital

The Leader of the Pack, East Cooper Animal Hospital

Since 1979, East Cooper Animal Hospital has been a place of great care and comfort for pets and pet owners throughout the Lowcountry.

During the beginning of my interview with Dr. Marci Sauls, I had the pleasure of holding her pint-sized

Chihuahua, Kingston. Curious, friendly and decked out in a holiday bandana, he sniffed my journal as if to provide a second opinion.

Offering so much more than heartworm prevention, flea prevention and vaccinations, East Cooper Animal Hospital sometimes becomes a shelter of sorts, taking in pets that need new homes and special attention.

They facilitate adoptions within the community and continually check up on the animals they’ve treated, further confirming that at the core of this business is a whole lot of heart.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to make a patient feel better,” said Dr. Sauls, who purchased the practice in 2013. “Especially when we can make a sick patient totally well and see them go on to be healthy and happy for a long time.” They’ve partnered with Francis R. Willis SPCA, Pet Helpers, Palmetto Paws, Doc Williams SPCA and Charleston Animal Society – providing animals adopted through these organizations with a free initial exam. East Cooper Animal Hospital also treats the hardworking K-9 officers of the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

“Our personal connections with clients set us apart,” said Dr. Sauls. “We educate clients on everything from nutrition to behavior. We are here from the beginning stages of kitten and puppyhood, all the way to the senior years.”

It’s clear that Dr. Sauls is an animal lover. Regardless of a holiday, she puts the practice first. Last New Year’s Eve, when most were toasting with champagne, she was administering IV fluids to a cat plagued by a UTI.

Dental care, labwork, X-rays, ultrasound and physical rehabilitation are handled on-site. East Cooper Animal Hospital provides the latest in laser therapy treatment, which helps speed up the recovery process after surgery and also helps animals who suffer from arthritis. Dr. Sauls’ associate, Dr. Artise Stewart, is certified in Canine Rehabilitation by the University of Tennessee. They both have plans to offer patients a more complete rehabilitation program and dental care experience in 2017.

Before opening her own practice, Dr. Sauls tackled the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro. Climbing up this famed mountaintop provided her with the courage to follow her dreams of starting her own business. Despite food poisoning, she pushed through on the trail to come out victorious.

“After you accomplish that climb, you feel like you can do anything,” said Dr. Sauls.

While she has no plans for any upcoming adventure trips, she does hope to reach new heights within her practice.

“Building an excellent staff is one of the keys to maintaining a successful practice,” she said. “We have a really solid team committed to the well-being of our patients.”

With convenient hours, an accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association and a responsibility to foster, socialize and heal patients, East Cooper Animal Hospital proves to be the leader of the pack.

For more on East Cooper Animal Hospital, located at 993 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., visit or call 843-884-6171.

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