Changing The Way People Eat Hamburgers: BurgerFi


Where can you find an eatery that looks like an upbeat burger joint but serves food reminiscent of a gourmet restaurant? Is it possible to treat your taste buds to a delicious meal without worrying about how a cheeseburger and an order of fries will affect your health and well-being? For an answer to these questions, look no further than the ground floor of The Boulevard, … [Read more...]

The Dixie Cup for Grown-Ups: Booze Infused Ice Cream


Life at the seashore lends itself to an abundance of clever novelties, ranging from swan-shaped floats to drink tumblers that mimic a Lowcountry sunset. Now, another item that speaks to our whimsical summertime has gained traction around East Cooper – namely booze-infused ice cream. Naysayers who are wrinkling their noses at the idea of this chilly confection, perhaps picturing … [Read more...]

Paradise in a Can: Don’t Drill Lowcountry, Shepard Fairey and Holy City Brewery crush it

Paradise Can by Brock

  Charleston-born artist Shepard Fairey’s most recognizable work is the iconic “Hope” poster he designed for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and the medium for one of Fairey’s latest efforts brings to mind another of the 44th president’s famed slogans: “Yes We Can.” In March, Holy City Brewing announced that a partnership with environmental group Don’t … [Read more...]

A Haven from the Ordinary – Shelter Kitchen + Bar


The Rolling Stones wanted it, Bob Dylan promised it and now Mount Pleasant can claim it in the form of an enticing restaurant and bar. The Shelter Kitchen + Bar provides patrons a haven from the ordinary with a laid-back atmosphere and good food and drinks. On any given day, the large outdoor seating area is filled with customers who flock to this popular hangout near Shem … [Read more...]

The Local Flavor: Farmers Markets in the Lowcountry


I remember the first time I sunk my choppers into a homegrown, perfectly ripe, South Carolina peach. Like taking a bite out of the sun, it filled my senses with aromatic vibrancy and just the right amount of sweet. Grocery-store produce picking falls short of the wonder and sense of community provided at area farmers markets. Stacks of green onions, collards, crimson peppers … [Read more...]

Some Like it HOT! …The Pepper Trend in East Cooper


  They say your taste buds change and develop every seven years, which makes sense to me because I haven't always been a fan of spicy foods. Now I can hardly stand a dish of grits or a serving of chips and salsa without the proverbial kick in the pants from a peppery sensation on my tongue. It appears I am not alone in that sentiment. Lately, more than ever, … [Read more...]

Warranting Praise from Foodies and Critics Alike: The Granary


As executive chef and owner of The Granary, Brannon Florie works hard to deliver the very best flavors to patrons. Over the course of his career, he’s received warranted praise from foodies and critics alike. Writer Robert Moss named Florie’s pork chop one of the “Thirty Most Memorable Dishes” in Charleston – a meal that could sway even the staunchest vegetarians to rethink … [Read more...]

A Culinary Pioneer: Chef Rusty Hamlin of the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival

Hamlin in front of Cookie his mobile kitchen

The days of standing in music festival concession lines for a preservative-filled hot dog or dried out falafel are a thing of the past. After all, nothing pairs better with guitar solos and gritty vocals than exceptional farm-fresh cuisine. Chef Rusty Hamlin, a culinary mastermind of fierce flavor, has trekked all over the country keeping the bellies of musicians and fans full. … [Read more...]

They’re On a (Cinnamon) Roll: Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another broken egg cafe pic 2

There could be many different reasons that Jennifer Tito, manager of Another Broken Egg Cafe in Belle Hall Shopping Center, is a perfectionist about her cuisine. Perhaps it's the fact that she worked in fine dining for most of her life. Perhaps it's her sincere love of food and of people. Whatever it might be, it is proving to be quite a boon for foodies in Mount Pleasant. … [Read more...]

A Town Favorite for French Cooking – Bistro Toulouse

Bistro toulouse golden spoon pic 1

While there are a handful of other French restaurants in Mount Pleasant, Bistro Toulouse earned a place of honor on Mount Pleasant’s “Best Of” list thanks to its great service, culinary creativity and high-quality food and drink. Owners Candice Mahala and Matt Schulz met while attending The Culinary Institute of America. They’ve spent 15 years working around the East Coast – … [Read more...]