Surrounded by East Cooper’s Past: Local Cemeteries

Lucas cemetery shemwood 7

What is it about old cemeteries that we find so intriguing? Maybe it’s the serenity and natural beauty. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s thoughts of the hereafter. Regardless, the East Cooper area has more than enough historic graveyards to evoke any of these pondering. Quite a few are in some rather unlikely places. Myrtle Grove is barely noticeable on busy Venning Road, … [Read more...]

Who Do You Love? A Lesson by Valerie the Valentine


Editor's Note: February is the time of year everyone thinks about the meaning of true love. We asked Valerie the Valentine, who's quite a card, to compose an essay on the topic of love and how to feel the abundance of joy inside your own heart this year. Read on, and you'll see why we got the warm fuzzies. My opinion about Valentine's Day has changed somewhat over the … [Read more...]

Southern Gothic – Ghosts East of the Cooper


The Kiln Ghost at Brickyard Plantation Near Wampancheone Creek and the ruins of a 19th century brick kiln chimney appears the startling image of a woman standing in the grass on the side of the road. The woman moves her hands close together in repetitive, spastic thrusts as if in a trance. She is dressed in ragged, dark clothes. Her face is uncleare, tilted down toward her … [Read more...]

Life’s a Beach and Then You’re Laundered

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A pair of slender, French-manicured hands reach inside the linen closet and yank me into the daylight so quickly, I blink in surprise at the bright, Lowcountry sun. “What a great shade of pink,” muses the owner of the hands, affectionately stroking my fibers before rolling me and stuffing me into a beach bag. You’d think a beach tote indicates that she’s taking me to the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day: The View from the Valley

Valentie's Day from Bianca the Brassiere's point-of-view

Editors’ note: We asked Bianca the Brassiere to write a clever and engaging essay about Valentine’s Day from her perspective. We hope you will enjoy this rare and interesting look at Valentine traditions. Remember, true love conquers all – even the most confounding of undergarments. Not all bras are decorative. Let’s get that straight. I have plenty of relatives – hell, even … [Read more...]

How NOT to Get Eaten: A Seasonal Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving

"My first suggestion, and most likely the easiest, is to work out regularly."

Editor’s Note: We asked Terrance, a turkey who has lived East of the Cooper for many years and has yet to be captured and turned into a Thanksgiving feast, to explain how he has managed to survive when others have not. If you or someone you know has ideas about rescuing a turkey this year, feel free to pass along this article. Life as a turkey is sometimes odd. I don’t mean … [Read more...]

Over a Barrel – Mount Pleasant, SC: an essay by Darrel B. Barrel

Darrel and his friends direct traffic in Mount Pleasant, SC

Editor’s Note: Darrel, one of the many construction barrels playing an important role in Mount Pleasant’s never-ending road improvement program, generously offered to compose an essay about his experiences living on and near the roads East of the Cooper. We’re grateful to Darrel for his interesting perspective, which we could barrel-ly get translated. We hope that you enjoy … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, Texas

The city’s landmark water tower in the winter.

Trivia question: what city whose name you know offers its residents wonderful weather, nearby water, friendly people and a pro-business environment? Mount Pleasant, right? You nailed it. It’s Mount Pleasant. The one in Texas. Yes, there’s another Mount Pleasant, a thousand miles from our town, which shares not only our name but some interesting similarities – as well as … [Read more...]

Meeting the Easter Bunny: All Grown Up

Easter Bunny - bar

I first met the Easter Bunny at age 4, when my mother dressed me up and took me to a department store to visit with him up close and personal. To be honest, I was a little intimidated. He was about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, a lot bigger than any rabbit I’d been exposed to, and he didn’t say anything. He just patted me on the head and gave me a little bag with a sugary-looking egg. … [Read more...]