Warm Regards: The Hibben Cold Weather Shelter Finishes Another Busy Year


Just three short years ago, the wintry weather of the Lowcountry inspired a group of Hibben United Methodist Church members to reach out to the community in a big way. A congregation member known as “Beth” was able to stay at the church during an ice storm and proposed a new idea: What if Hibben UMC regularly offered four walls and a roof to those who needed it? Thus was Mount … [Read more...]

Four New Faces – A Look at Mount Pleasant’s Incoming Councilmen


Bob Brimmer Until 2015, Bob Brimmer showed little interest in the political arena, choosing instead to get involved in his adopted hometown by donating his time and talent in a variety of appointed positions. His decision to place his name on the crowded Council ballot was based on his belief that he could do more to make Mount Pleasant a better place to live, work and … [Read more...]

Groceries and Good Causes – Your Local Publix Supermarket

publix smiling guy

Ask a few locals who shop at any of the three Publix supermarkets East of the Cooper what’s the best thing about that experience, and you’ll likely get as many answers as there are people in that group. Is it the produce? The bakery? The meats and poultry? The cheerful, helpful staff? While every shopper may have a favorite aspect of Publix, all would probably agree about … [Read more...]

Bringing History to Life: Mount Pleasant Teacher Receives National Award

dressed up WWII soldier

The walls are adorned with military uniforms that haven’t been worn in decades or longer. Flags representing units that once served proudly in the Army or Marines hang from above. The shelves are littered with memorabilia from America’s past, some of it dating back to the Civil War – a grenade, ammunition, paper money, posters, shoes and lots of books and photographs. One wall … [Read more...]

Mac Burdette – A Career of Caring

Mac Burdette sidebar pic courtesy of Pats Pt

No one understands Mount Pleasant’s growing pains better than former town administrator, Mac Burdette. Burdette arrived in Mount Pleasant in 1986, the third person to assume this position in five years. For the next twenty-five years, he was involved in the day-to-day operation of Mount Pleasant. The population, 23,000 when he got here, had triped by the time he … [Read more...]

Councilman Mark Smith is making a difference.


Smith was elected to his first term in office – taking his initial dip into the political pool – in 2013, and has been hard at work ever since. “I average 20 to 25 hours a week between Council and the water commission,” said Smith. He explained that one of the first things he learned on the job is that there is a lot of work involved for what’s technically a part-time … [Read more...]

Mayor, May I? Ask the Council


Mount Pleasant’s elections are just around the corner, so we thought now would be a perfect time for a refresher course on how the town government operates and how important the four seats that are up for election in November are (spoiler alert: they’re very important). If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that the town elected Mayor Linda Page two years ago, and, … [Read more...]

Creating a Buzz: Honey Bee Advocacy in East Cooper

Charleston Community Bee Center (4 of 16)

Think about the last meal you prepared and how tasty it was. Thanks to the “locavore” movement sweeping the nation, you might feel gratitude to local farmers for such a spread – but what about the humble honey bee? Despite their misunderstood reputation, honey bees are a critical part of the food cycle, and they're not going to sting you out of pure malice, either. In fact, … [Read more...]

A Local Journalist Reflects on Earning the Pulitzer

Front row: The reporters who worked on the Pulitzer Prize winning piece: Left to right: Doug Pardue, Jennifer Berry Hawes, Natalie Caula Hauff and Glenn Smith. They were joined by Post and Courier Executive Editor Mitch Pugh and former Editorial Director of the Center for Investigative Reporting Mark Katches.

Editor’s note: The Post and Courier, the Charleston area’s daily newspaper, won its first Pulitzer Prize since 1925 this year. East Cooper residents Natalie Caula Hauff and Jennifer Berry Hawes were among the four reporters who contributed to the series that earned the coveted award for the newspaper. Hauff describes what it was like. We were all still in awe as we stood … [Read more...]