Coffee: Helping Strangers Conduct Business Since Who Knows When!

Vintage 1

    Coffee is one of my vices – I drink it daily, usually more than once. In fact, coffee was one of the first bonds that I shared with my co-editor, Brian Sherman. He and I both love the stuff, although he drinks his totally black, no cream or sugar, and I like to experiment a little more with lattes, espressos, cappucinos or whatever woos me at the … [Read more...]

A Seasoned Favorite: Southern Living’s Taste of Charleston

taste of charleston 2

To say Charleston is a town full of foodies would be an understatement. We praise the farm-to-table, small batch, innovative dishes assembled with grace by those who know their way around the kitchen. Whether it’s the opening of a new restaurant or the arrival of a new farmers' market vendor, each is met with enthusiasm. Cuisine isn’t just an extra in our story; it’s the main … [Read more...]

The Sounds of Summer: Music Acts 2015

Girls in Tea Field

There’s something about summer that makes us want to relive our youth. It’s running around, sparklers in hand, while the Carolina breeze caresses our tresses. It’s cracking open a cold one, dockside, while the smoky scent of a flaming amber grill burns into the wee hours. Despite the humid temps, folks love to gather with friends to revel in outdoor activities, and so sprang … [Read more...]

At Appetite for Atmosphere: Waterfront Dining in East Cooper

Waters Edge

Why would we live in the Lowcountry if we didn't ever dine outdoors? It's one of the perks we enjoy during the warmer months (or even the not-so-warm months, thanks to our mild winters), and, when the view includes water, it's even better. Here in East Cooper we have a great selection of places to dine on the water this summer, from Shem Creek to the Isle of Palms. The best … [Read more...]

Searching For That Perfect Wave: The Eastern Surfing Association

Olivia Dilling

We’ve all seen them. Their bare feet leave prints in the moist sand – a grayish beige map to adventure and adrenaline. Sometimes wetsuit-clad and always determined, they paddle out, braving the rough thrash of the sea for that ultimate dance with the elements. Can you blame them? After all, the good days are the ones that leave us sun-kissed and sandy. Just ask Marshall … [Read more...]

For Some Bridge Runners, Age is Just a Number

bill boulter

When it comes to the importance of health and fitness, age is not an issue. For some, fitness is a lifelong lifestyle; others don’t establish a regular exercise regime until after their status as couch potatoes is confirmed. That’s exactly how Bill Boulter came to be the top contender in his age group of the Cooper River Bridge Run. “I didn’t start running until I was … [Read more...]

Party of Five: The Big Events of 2015 and How They Impact East Cooper

Bridge Run pic 3

When Spoleto Festival USA trumpets in its 39th season in May, the focus of the art world, both nationally and internationally, will fall directly on Charleston. From its humble beginnings to becoming what many consider the premier event in the top-ranked tourist city in America – and number two in the world – is a breathtaking rags-to-riches transformation. While Spoleto … [Read more...]

A National Vineyard Visits Mount Pleasant: Wine Under the Oaks


  Lary Petterson never tires of telling the story of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards. Petterson is the southern regional manager of L&L, a family-owned business based in Solvang, California. The vineyard stretches 400 acres across Santa Barbara County, with 25 different grapes in the soil right now. The business is named for its founding owners: Louis Lucas, one … [Read more...]

Y’all Ready for Some (Wando) Football?


Six years ago, Jimmy Noonan accepted the head coaching position at Wando high school. He'd come from Spring Valley High School in the midlands, where the football culture is ingrained into kids’ minds at an early age. Noonan accepted the challenge of bringing his own brand of football philosophy to a community that was not necessarily a football town. Yet Mount Pleasant is a … [Read more...]