A Lasting Impression: Pat Waters Remembers His Famous Grandfather

General George S. Patton painting by Boleslaw Czedekowski hangs in Mt Pleasant home of his grandson

In real life, actor George C. Scott looks nothing like the colorful and controversial World War II general he portrayed in “Patton,” the award-winning 1970 movie. One Mount Pleasant resident does exhibit a marked resemblance to the iconic Army officer, however, and for good reason. George Patton “Pat” Waters is the grandson of Gen. George S. Patton Jr. And Waters, though he … [Read more...]

Chance Encounter in the Wilderness

Sarah Carmical hunting

How many times had I been here? How many times had I stared out through the branches under the stars? Sitting in the tree stand, I checked my phone: 9:47. How much longer would I wait for that phantom, that big boar I had hunted for seemingly months on end? Luckily, I stumbled across the landowner while out riding my horse a while back. “You see what those hogs have done … [Read more...]

The Family Feud: Clemson Versus Carolina in Mount Pleasant

The Family Fued in Mount Pleasant over Clemson & Carolina

Having different opinions, viewpoints and preferences than your significant other can make life interesting. He likes Italian cuisine, you prefer Thai. He wants to see the latest action-packed blockbuster at the Cineplex and you long to see a documentary that took home accolades at Sundance. These are things you can work around. But what happens when you differ about something … [Read more...]

Get in the Game: Finding Affordable Homes in Mount Pleasant

Hunters Trace neighborhood sign, Mount Pleasant. Photo by Denise K. James

Is buying an affordable home in Mount Pleasant becoming an impossible dream? Those who grew up here are struggling to buy in their hometown, yet it is cheaper to buy now than it is to rent. So how do you get in the game and find that coveted, affordable house in Mount Pleasant, competing against the baby boomers, the transplants and the builders? Here is how three recent buyers … [Read more...]

How Does Your Boulevard Grow? Jim Owens Remembers When.


As a boy in the 1960s, first-term Mount Pleasant Town Council member Jim Owens would ride his bike up and down the now-demolished Silas Pearman Bridge – while it was still under construction. It’s not surprising that a person with such hometown bona fides might have a different perspective on Mount Pleasant than someone who has never tried she-crab soup, hasn’t been to Pitt … [Read more...]

You Only Live Once: Angelo Vlcek Takes on The Dakar Rally

Angelo with camels  - Click to Enlarge

Clocking over 5,200 miles on a motorcycle through the red-dirt, uncharted paths of South America may not sound like an ideal vacation. But for Parrot Surf & Skate owner Angelo Vlcek, it’s an opportunity he can’t pass up. Never one to shy away from adventure, he has jumped at the chance to participate in The Dakar Rally 2017 – a 14-day-journey that tests patience, endurance … [Read more...]

Heart and Determination: Mount Pleasant Couples Take TV Challenge

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge - Charleston Warriors

Fighting your way through muddy obstacle courses and repeatedly trying to scale a greased, Marine-style slip wall isn’t exactly an ideal way to spend an afternoon. But for two Mount Pleasant couples, it’s the ultimate cherry on top of their high-protein, low-carb shake. Adam Von Ins, Elea Faucheron, Stephanie Keenan and Stephen Siraco have built careers on pushing their bodies … [Read more...]

Veggie Tales: Heath Farms in Mount Pleasant


Once upon a time, the main thoroughfares of Mount Pleasant were not gateways to the beautiful neighborhoods we recognize today but expanses of fertile land where hardworking farmers grew scores of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other staples of Southern produce. It was, of course, long before I moved to this area – even before I was born – but, as I spoke to Douglas M. Heath … [Read more...]

Tony Pope State Farm: Quality Business and Client Service

Tony Pope of Tony Pope State Farm Agency, Mt Pleasant SC

Twenty-six years ago, tony Pope opened his own State Farm Insurance agency in Summerville. His goals were to provide reliable insurance coverage at a fair price with impeccable customer service. His office was so successful that State Farm selected him to be the first multi-office agent in South Carolina, which gave him the opportunity to open his Mount Pleasant office in … [Read more...]

Bringing Driftwood to Life – The Charleston Fishman


Many people relocate to the Lowcountry to enjoy the magnificent weather, take advantage of an almost endless array of water-related outdoor activities and bask in the area’s historical significance. Though these reasons might have provided the impetus initially for his move from Columbia to Mount Pleasant four years ago, Bob Humphrey has discovered additional motivation to … [Read more...]