Exceeding Expectations: Palmetto Christian Academy

Pal Christian Pic

Walking into the Wilson’s Mount Pleasant home, I can already feel the warmth. I’m not talking about the toasty fire, but the genuine feeling of togetherness and support. For Bill and Susan Wilson, deciding where to send their five daughters to school was no easy task. Until they discovered Palmetto Christian Academy, a private institution that matched their values and continues … [Read more...]

A Top-Notch Education: Bishop England High School

Bishop England High School

Bishop England High School is presently the largest four-year Catholic high school in South Carolina. With a current enrollment of more than 700 students the courses quickly fill to capacity. “We encourage parents to begin the enrollment process during a student’s eighth-grade year,” explained Kit Brownell, director of admissions for Bishop England High School. “Our open … [Read more...]

Diversity in Education: East Cooper Montessori Charter Leads the Way

East Cooper Montessori 2

When I visited east Cooper Montessori Charter on a seemingly ordinary Thursday morning, I found myself treated to a rare performance – the upper elementary students were busily crafting their Rube Goldberg projects, learning how to perform “a simple operation – namely, turning on a hair dryer – as a result of a complex invention,” according to the school’s principal, Jody … [Read more...]