Drinking beer, Mount Pleasant, SC

Glass Container/Bottle, Bottles store

After a hard day as managing editor, nothing unwinds me like a cold glass of beer. There’s something about that first sip, the act of wiping foam from the edges of your mouth, that makes you realize that life is not the dire situation you thought it was hours ago while sitting at your desk. I must confess that the benevolent power of beer cannot be found with typical … [Read more...]

Gourmet Cuisine prepared by Charleston, SC Personal Chefs – in your home

Pete Twomey, personal chef, Charleston SC

When you go out for an exceptional dinner in the Lowcountry, you aren’t likely to order the same ol’ dishes you make at home each evening. The purpose of having someone else do the cooking is experiencing exceptional flavor and out of the ordinary service. These days, you don’t even need to go out to a restaurant – you can stay home and enjoy all the incredible attributes of … [Read more...]

Amanda Vaughn Haggerty: the Casserole Queen

Amanda Vaughn Haggerty, casserole-queen

Amanda Vaughn Haggerty is at home in the kitchen. Whether she’s putting together brunch for friends or a quiet dinner for her husband, she easily whisks from sink to stove. Yet she realizes that while she loves being in the kitchen, not everyone finds making dinner to be such a delightful task. So Haggerty has set out to make cooking easy, accessible and delicious for all, … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC Land Conservancy

Students, Whitesides Elementary

The flora and fauna of the Mount Pleasant area will flourish now and in the future because of the work John Girault is doing today. Girault is the executive director and only paid employee of the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy, a volunteer- driven organization whose mission is “to enhance the quality of life for all East Cooper residents through education and preservation of … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC Recreation Department: Fall 2012 football

Football Players, close-up

Football is a time-honored tradition throughout the United States. In towns and cities large and small, the roar of the crowd can be heard in every corner of the country and everywhere in between. It’s no different in Mount Pleasant, where the Recreation Department provides a place to play for nearly 65 teams and a way to participate for 170 volunteer coaches. “We have a … [Read more...]

Over a Barrel – Mount Pleasant, SC: an essay by Darrel B. Barrel

Darrel and his friends direct traffic in Mount Pleasant, SC

Editor’s Note: Darrel, one of the many construction barrels playing an important role in Mount Pleasant’s never-ending road improvement program, generously offered to compose an essay about his experiences living on and near the roads East of the Cooper. We’re grateful to Darrel for his interesting perspective, which we could barrel-ly get translated. We hope that you enjoy … [Read more...]

Jennie Moore Elementary, Mount Pleasant, SC: Fall 2012 Fashions

Joshua, a rising 6th grader, Cairo-Middle: O'neil khakis, striped shirt, Nikes

Back-to-school fashion can produce a mixed bag of excitement and angst. While a few public and private schools ease the pain by requiring students to wear uniforms or specific colors, most have vague guidelines that allow students to create their own fashion statements or fashion faux pas. Karen Felder, principal at Jennie Moore Elementary in Mount Pleasant for the past nine … [Read more...]

A Horse is a Horse: The 2012 Charleston Cup

Mark Watts rode southern admiral to victory in the 2011 Charleston Cup.

Whether you’re a posh aficionado or scruffy smatterer, there is certainly a place for you amid the masses at The Charleston Cup. Last year marked the first time in nearly a decade that hooves graced the grass at Stono Ferry for the celebrated steeplechase races. The increasingly popular event – a Lowcountry tradition since 1986 – returned to celebrate its 25th anniversary in … [Read more...]

Everything about Atlantic Game and Tackle is Big

A photo of a fish.

“We are one of the bigger suppliers in the country for offshore supplies and bait shipping,” said Jeremy Burnham, a partner in the business, which is located in Mount Pleasant. Seasoned sportsmen and sportswomen will appreciate Atlantic Game and Tackle’s the-top-of-the-line products and knowledgeable associates. “We know our sport, and we know what our customers want, … [Read more...]