Amanda Vaughn Haggerty: the Casserole Queen

Amanda Vaughn Haggerty, casserole-queen

Amanda Vaughn Haggerty is at home in the kitchen. Whether she’s putting together brunch for friends or a quiet dinner for her husband, she easily whisks from sink to stove. Yet she realizes that while she loves being in the kitchen, not everyone finds making dinner to be such a delightful task. So Haggerty has set out to make cooking easy, accessible and delicious for all, … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC Land Conservancy

Students, Whitesides Elementary

The flora and fauna of the Mount Pleasant area will flourish now and in the future because of the work John Girault is doing today. Girault is the executive director and only paid employee of the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy, a volunteer- driven organization whose mission is “to enhance the quality of life for all East Cooper residents through education and preservation of … [Read more...]

Old Village Home, Mount Pleasant, SC: Garden & Art Tour

The Thomas backyard invites a leisurely evening with friends.

The old village has a reputation for being one of the loveliest areas in Mount Pleasant, and people come from far and wide to find out for themselves if that rumor holds true. The Home, Garden & Art Tour, which takes place each spring, is a labor of love thanks to a group of local residents who take on the occasion and the cause with enthusiasm. “We’re a strictly … [Read more...]

Tailgating in the Lowcountry, in the Fall

Sticky Fingers’ ribs, pork barbecue and chicken are a winning combination.

As Fall approaches, and with it America’s most popular food-related spectator sport, football fans everywhere are preparing to kick off their tailgating plans, a feat that has the potential to become an endurance sport on its own for those who fail to plan effectively and execute a winning strategy. Three local Mount Pleasant restaurants offer options that will prevent you from … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC Household: A Family Divided between Clemson Tigers and Carolina Gamecocks

The Spitz family: left to right: Pete, Michael, Patty, Ashlyn, Phillip and Kristyn.

While visiting mount pleasant last November looking for a place to live, I noticed the abundance of Clemson and University of South Carolina flags adorning the front porch of many Lowcountry homes. At the time, I joked with a friend that eventually I probably would need to declare my allegiance to one school or the other. When I moved to Mount Pleasant, I quickly realized … [Read more...]

Chris O’Neal – Mount Pleasant, SC – Town Councilman

Chris O’Neal with his wife, Tifany, and son, Simms, the night he was sworn in as a Mount Pleasant town councilman.

Chris o’neal is passionate about the Lowcountry. After forging a personal path through South Carolina, he happily returned to call Mount Pleasant home – and Mount Pleasant calls him one of its newest town councilmen. The 31-year-old was born in Charleston, moved to Columbia and returned to the region after earning bachelor’s degrees in economics and speech and communication … [Read more...]

Elise Testone – Mount Pleasant, SC American Idol Contestant

Local businesses show support for Testone.

Think back to when you were a child. What was your dream, down deep inside, longing to burst forth to consume your heart and soul? For Mount Pleasant’s Elise Testone, it was simple: to sing. That dream has blossomed, perhaps, in a way even grander than she ever imagined. Last July, Testone, 28, auditioned for Fox’s American Idol in Savannah, singing Janis Joplin’s “Get It … [Read more...]

Action Sports: Paddleboarding, Kiteboarding, Surfing – Charleston, SC

Paddle boarder: Charleston, South Carolina - IOP, SC - pier

Read About Green Friendly Boards For Brian Schipper, it isn’t hard to drift into a daydream and imagine the perfect wave. “It’s that wave that comes right when you’re about to go in, but, you know what, you’ve got to get one more,” said the owner of the Odyssey Board Shop in Mount Pleasant. “So you’re paddling, and the wave peaks exactly where you are. Not left of you; not … [Read more...]

Army Wives – Mount Pleasant, SC – Landings Run

Army Wives set - Mount Pleasant, SC - Landings Run - house

The army wives were stationed in Landings Run, a Mount Pleasant neighborhood, this past January. Now in its sixth season, “Army Wives” is filmed in the Charleston area, and, while many scenes are shot on a soundstage downtown, they often go on location to lend authenticity to the drama. Over the last five seasons, Charleston and its environs have been featured as a backdrop for … [Read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC – Charleston, SC – Meteorologists

Sunset Bridge

On warm, sunny beach days, you love it. On bitter, rainedout game days, you hate it. Hot, cold, wet, dry, sticky, chilly or windy – the weather unites us all. Regardless of any complaints you might hear about weather in the Lowcountry, its mild climate is a major drawing card. According to the South Carolina State Climatology Office, the region experiences measurable snowfall, … [Read more...]